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Which series/game do you want to see an HD remake of?

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User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#21
bossk5 posted...
War of the Monsters would be fantastic.

Came in to say this.
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User Info: jackstar_rock

5 years ago#22
Panzer Dragoon Saga.

User Info: Kentaro21

5 years ago#23
King_Akeela posted...
Light crusader
Road rash

Not sure about the other two, but they are making a new Shadowrun. And in addition, it's an RPG as it was meant to be, and not a crappy shooter, so don't worry.
Gandalf the Istari 5 years ago#24
Wouldn't likely happen for 360 but Xenosaga and Shadow Hearts

User Info: Darthvoorhees13

5 years ago#25
Legacy of Kain
Star Wars: Battlefront 1 and 2
Republic Commando
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- Dr. Gregory House (House, M.D)

User Info: KID VID

5 years ago#26
I would love to see a Battletoads game in HD.
Xbox Live Gamertag: KIDD VIDD

User Info: Bob_Loblaw215

5 years ago#27

User Info: MrImbored44

5 years ago#28
Definitely Timesplitters and Star War Battlefront

User Info: IcarusTheFinal

5 years ago#29
In light of Game Grumps, Wild Guns. I wanna see a new one, but play like the original, kinda.

Also, The Wii U needs a Metroid game. A Metroid Prime would be cool, but a fully 2.5D, HD, good graphic remake of Super Metroid would be awesome.

They're Masterworks all, you can't go wrong.

User Info: NejiHyuga900

5 years ago#30
Star Wars Jedi Knight series
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic series
Star Wars Battlefront 2
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
Sonic the Hedgehog 1, 2, CD, 3 & Knuckles into Sonic the Hedgehog 4 graphics but with Classic Sonic or into a 3D Sonic HD game
Tony Hawk franchise
Mega Man X series
Xbox 360 Gamertag & Nintendo Network ID: TDPNeji
Steam ID: NejiHyuga900
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