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You can only play 1 video game for the next 5 years.

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User Info: FlyBoyZombi

4 years ago#101
1 video game: Madden 13
1 book: Knockemstiff By Donald Ray Pollock
1 movie: SAW Collection
1 tv series: Lost

User Info: King_Burnout

4 years ago#102
Book = the complete chronicles of amber by Roger Zelazny
movie = the full, uncut , david lynch cut of Dune (rumoured to be 20+ hours)
Tv show = Doctor who. the show has been on the air since 1964. there's way more than 5 years worth of episodes and specials, not to mention spinoffs
game = rumble roses XX at least that way i could take the insane amounts of time to earn the achievements, which are unduly long and annoying

User Info: maxordw

4 years ago#103
game: dark souls, Garry's mod, team fortress 2 or borderlands 2 with all dlcs
book: compilation of Jhonen Vasquez's works
movie: lord of the rings trilogy
TV show:Dr.who
revenge will surely come

User Info: SgtSpark

4 years ago#104
Persona 4, Looking for Alaska, The Mighty, and Breaking Bad.

User Info: ScottlinDLR

4 years ago#105
Video game: probably Grand Theft Auto Vice City, primarily because in terms of replay value this game has always kept me entertained to the point where I have beaten it more than 10 times.

Book: It's hard to really say, but it would be a book that's incredibly complicated to where I would have to spend months interpreting the story and being able to find new theories on it every time I read it in order to pass time.

Movie: that one is hard to say as well, but Akira has a lot of rewatchability to it so that would have to be my choice

TV series: Doctor Who, HOWEVER that doesn't include just the new series from 2005. Doctor Who in general has been on TV in Britain since 1963 with about 26 seasons that ran up until 1989 and each season had an episode that aired every week in the year. All of Doctor who including the missing episodes ranges in to about 800 episodes, and since a series in Britain is never canceled just, put on hiatus, it's almost guaranteed to continue at some other point in time if it ever stops airing. Basically my point is, with all that footage, I would be able to come up with intellectual ideas, timelines and many other things related to this series because I would have all the footage on me in the island. On top of that New Doctor Who is crap and the only series really worth watching in that show is series 5.

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#106
Book: Game Informer
Game: Hydro Thunder Hurricane
Movie: Jacobs Ladder
Tv: Twilight Zone - original
It's not just a rumor, I heard it on Gamefaqs.

User Info: zeldafan477

4 years ago#107
Game- Metal Gear solid: Peace Walker HD Edition.

Movie- End of Evangelion (maybe in 5 years, id be able to make sense of what happened in that movie)

Book- "Inheritance" by Christopher Paolini

TV series- Fullmetal Alchemist (not brotherhood, already seen the whole series twice)
Not changing this until Capcom either gets their act together or the company goes under (Dragon's Dogma was a good start.)

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

4 years ago#108
1. Mass Effect Trilogy (Since they sell all three in the same box, this counts!)
2, Lord of the Rings (The Book, not the movie)
3. The Simpsons (5 years really enough to get through twenty plus seasons of comedy?)
4. Gladiator (Best Russel Crowe movie ever)
"This Year in Jerusalem."

User Info: popsi_netn

4 years ago#109
Game: Tetris
Book: Story of Pi... clever
Movie: Les Vampires (10's silent french movie lasting about 8h)
Serie: X Files

User Info: majinbuu58

4 years ago#110
vigorm0rtis posted...
Book: Stranger in a Strange Land
Movie: Dawn of the Dead (original)
TV series: Uh.... I ignored the latter seasons of the X-Files, so maybe catch up on that.
Game: Skyrim.

Don't even bother.

Game: Bayonetta
Movie: Avengers
TV Series: Stargate SG1
Book: Man... Redlaw I guess
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