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You can only play 1 video game for the next 5 years.

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User Info: Syserin

4 years ago#31
Demigod_Elessar posted...
Game: such a hard decision... probably Skyrim, I guess
Book: Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Movie: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Extended Editions
TV Series: Seinfeld

I could live off of that combination for 5 years.

+1 for your book

Game: Starcraft2 (Assuming internet access), Skyrim (Assuming no internet access)
Book: Forgotten Realms book ( randomly choosen )
Movie: Gladiator
TV Series: One Piece / House ( Undecided )

User Info: CaptainIcy

4 years ago#32
Book: It'd probably have to be Crimson Nation by Eli Gold.
Movie: Groundhog Day, no contest.
TV show: Hogan's Heroes, no contest.
Video game: Probably Metroid Prime, out of all the games I love, I doubt that would ever get old.

User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#33
glassghost0 posted...
kungfuj0 posted...

TV Show: General Hospital (daily soap opera...always new stuff!)

Are you a 70 year old lady? This is what my grandma watches

No, 38 year old man, but MY grandma used to watch that show when she babysat me and my bro and sis as kids. That is how I got hooked on it. I have watched it religiously for most of my life.

I stopped watching it cold turkey a couple years ago when they did something completely stupid to one of my all-time favorite characters. But in this situation, if I'm stuck on an island and can only have one show, I'd go back to it. They are still making new episodes daily. First I'd go back to where I stopped watching and catch up on that, then I'd just watch the new stuff from then on. That = endless content, which is what you'd want if stuck on an island.

Also, this show has been on the air since the 50s or 60s. I would have literally ENDLESS content if I wanted it. Who can top that???
Alabama Crimson Tide: Now serving title #15..

User Info: RaccoonCity

4 years ago#34
Game: Left 4 Dead 2 complete edition. I'd need a game with serious randomization.
Book: If there's a compilation of The Dark Tower, I'd bring that. No idea if it's as good as I've heard, but I'd give it a shot.
Movie: Toy Story 3.
TV: LOST. I'd finally have a reason to watch it, lol.

From: Big_Ed_Mustapha | #026
Police Squad

Hell of an answer! Actually, you have awesome taste in general, lol.
"I dare you to make less sense."

User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#35
Game: League of Legends
Book: Battle Royale
TV Show:, haven't watched any television in a VERY long time. I'll leave this one blank and undecided at the time being.
Movie: Terminator 2

I'm all set.
"Command and Conquer 4 and Red Alert 3 sucking is the fault of Westwood."-Gaming King
Auto heal is the amateur's medpack.

User Info: CapwnD

4 years ago#36
1 video game: the newest COD game online. We're also assuming that the island has internet but we can't use that internet to get help.
1 book - War of the Twins - Dragonlance 5th book.
1 movie - Matrix
1 tv series - Sopranos. I can watch that series over and over and over. Also Seinfield or MASH would be acceptable.

Actually... I'm ready to go to this island right now. Where do I sign up?
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh

User Info: Arn544

4 years ago#37
Hucast9 posted...
final fantasy xi online

the island has internet

If it's the pre abyssea version count me in, if not I'd rather play superman 64...

User Info: odcrl001

4 years ago#38
1 video game - Diablo 2
1 book - The Bible
1 movie + 1 tv series - MST 3000
GT: GalahadHK

User Info: CapwnD

4 years ago#39
I love some of the answers here.... Lots of Seinfield, MST 3000 some Brazil, Kung Fu Hustle, Scot Pilgrim (though I think that would drive me nuts very fast).

I thought about the bible too. I'm not religious but that would be a good read in that situation from an academic point of view.
Death to Videodrome, Long Live the New Flesh

User Info: abombt7

4 years ago#40
Where is the electricity being generated from on this island? Because I would rather have some form of communication than a TV and a movie and a game.
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