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What's the last game you were legitimately excited for?

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User Info: DarthVashti

4 years ago#31
Tomb Raider

User Info: Donomega

4 years ago#32
Skyrim. Sort of, kinda excited for GTA V
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User Info: mrhappyguy12345

4 years ago#33
vigorm0rtis posted...
ME3, I think. Was not disappointed.

No, wait, Borderlands 2. Was not disappointed then, either.

BL2 surprised me actually. I had it preordered and completely forgot until gs called me. So I picked it up to have some co op fun w the wifey and friends. I should have been hyped for that one lol. I thought the first was fun, but nothing crazy, but they really turned the corner with 2.
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User Info: roadtosalvation

4 years ago#34
Mega Man Legends 3... for ten years I wanted to get off the damn (spoiler) but we all know how that turned out.

Oh well, at least I didn't buy a 3DS before counting my chickens on that one... I can wait until the handheld is on it's way out before I get it.

User Info: macapala

4 years ago#35
I think it was Metroid Prime. Apart from that I haven't been excited for a game in a very long time...
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User Info: sinisterorion

4 years ago#36
I was pretty excited for borderlands 2 coming out, even more so when the mechromancer got announced as a fifth future character for pre-ordering. I was not disappointed with either.
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User Info: Madridiq8e

4 years ago#37
Disgaea D2

User Info: Cal873

4 years ago#38
Halo 4

Ton's of games before that though.

Currently excited about Dead Space 3.
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User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#39
far cry 3 . next , tomb raider
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User Info: Bigtoe

4 years ago#40
Ni No Kuni. First unique game I've seen in a long time. Hopefully it does well and encourages game companies to try new things.
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