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Question about my new headset

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User Info: El_Diabloz

4 years ago#1
I have an Xbox 360 that's connected to my Vizio via HDMI.

I recentally purchased the Universal Wireless Afterglow headset, and I connected the wireless adapter to my audio output. However, the sound is kinda crappy, and I noticed that the only way I can hear out of them is when I have the volume on my tv turned up. When I mute the tv, I have no sound coming out of the headset. How can I change that?

I want to be able to mute the tv and have sound come out of the headset.


User Info: Kneesock

4 years ago#2
Return that POS & get youself the mighty Seinheisser/AstroMixAmp combo... Or the very least a TB x12. Anything but that.
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