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Great article about(first hand) mental instability, video games, and violence

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  3. Great article about(first hand) mental instability, video games, and violence

User Info: KID VID

4 years ago#21
^I like your quote. That's from his "The God Delusion" book, right?
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User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#22
5 shot in 3 separate gun show incidents this weekend, accidents from so-called "responsible" gun owners.
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User Info: randomweirdo

4 years ago#23
GGearX posted...
KillaBeAt posted...
Violent video-games are not a cause of a problem, but a symptom. This is not a difficult thing and I don't know why this is even still an argument.

The same thing happened with violent television, the same thing happened with violent movies, the same thing happened with violent music.

The guy is right. There aren't exactly a ton of people who play a violent video-game and suddenly feel the need to kill people (I would say that, from a statistical standpoint, it is pretty close to a non-factor).

This is a cultural problem and, in truth, video-games don't help, even though they aren't responsible and are being scapegoated(I felt the need to reiterate that point)

All video games that have guns should be banned. I played Turok when I was young and it didnt affect me. But back then the graphics were crappy so we KNEW that it was a game. As graphics get better. It's going to become harder and harder for 8 year olds to differentiate between reality and fantasy.

And why should everyone suffer because parents buy these games for their 8 year olds? Those games aren't exactly rated E for everyone, they are rated M. It's not anyone's fault but the parents that they did not bother to read the game case.

Now if a game was rated E for everyone and featured realistic violence, that would be another story entirely. But the ESRB is doing their job to help parents be informed. The parents just need to do their job and actually raise their kids.

Personally, I'm fed up with seeing things banned because kids might get a hold of it, and the worst is when it happens to something that laws already cover it not being sold to minors. Or the joys of having to be carded to buy things that aren't otherwise illegal because some kids inhale them to get high. So should we outlaw porn because a kid might get into dad's porn stash and see naked women?
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  3. Great article about(first hand) mental instability, video games, and violence

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