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Rate the game you are currently playing

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User Info: CaliberChamp

4 years ago#31
Vanquish. 9 out of 10. Never played a shooter that got my adrenaline pumping from the awesome game play and fast paced style with a mix of stylish slow mo mechanics.
Guild wars 2. 10 out of 10. So much detail and polish in game and so much to explore and do.
Recommended games: Guild Wars 2, The Witcher 2, Skyrim, Batman arkham city, Brutal Legend
Terrible games: Dark Souls, Demon Souls, Diablo 3, X-Com, War Z

User Info: Shunichiro

4 years ago#32
Lollipop Chainsaw, going through again for missed things.

8/10: Great, cheesy fun and a true video game to boot. No unnecessary DLD crap and lots of replay value; everything worth collecting is in the game already and it's your job to be good enough to get it all, meaning various playthroughs.
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User Info: Massillon_G

4 years ago#33
B1241710017 posted...
Anarchy Reigns 8.5/10

User Info: Overlord9011

4 years ago#34
I'm not playing anything right now but the last game I played was Persona 4. 10\10, my second favourite game of all time.
Persona 3:FES cost me 20 dollars. Best 20 dollars I have ever spent.

User Info: PHEEliNUX

4 years ago#35
Hyperdimension Neptunia


User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#36
Final Fantasy X


Characters and story are interesting but stat progression is staggered and late game quests are damned near impossible to complete.
Evelynn is my waifu.
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User Info: drclaeys

4 years ago#37

Risen 2 on ps3 ( sorry )

Rating: 6/10 for glitches and no patches on console. game is ok.

YOu spend 40 hours building up your character. Getting skills from 1 to 10. Even you even get that high. Without theDLC, you would have to grind and grind, which is very hard, because things only respawn like 20%.

And I think the finally boss fight is a let down. Hardly no skills are used, which you spend 40 hours to aquire. ( have not done it, I have been avoiding it to prolong the game. )

I spend 30 bucks on this game. would have a better rating if I spend like 17 bucks used.

Thank you for sharing.
Dr. Darrell of Michigan.

User Info: siribanez555

4 years ago#38
Assassin's Creed III

9/10 due to glitches, otherwise a great game

User Info: jaydig

4 years ago#39
ME2 again - 7/10

Sooooo much recruiting and loyalty. It's bugging me this time.

User Info: Xoxen101

4 years ago#40
Dead Island.


Fun Sandbox stylish zombie survival action RPG.
Loads of Weapons
Weird AI sometimes
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