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Rate the game you are currently playing

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User Info: G-Nserico

4 years ago#61
Deus Ex (PC) and Deus Ex: Human Revolution (PS3).

Deus Ex: 10/10 - One off the best games i have ever played. My vision is really augmented when I play this game.

Deus Ex:HR: 8/10 - Not as great as the original, but a very good game indeed. Easily the best stealth game in this gen.

User Info: chex81

4 years ago#62
Dead Space 1 (beat it on Normal, now finishing Impossible) - 9/10
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User Info: WWEBretHart2012

4 years ago#63
Saints Row The Third

Awesome Game

User Info: Gunvalkyrie2

4 years ago#64
oldgamingfan posted...
playing a lot of games right now
aphelion 2 10/10
brute force 10/10?
mass effect 2 1/10?
order and chaos10/10
space dominions 9/10
gladius 10/10
super smash bros brawl 10/10
phantasy star 4 10/10
zombi u 10/10?
call of duty black ops 2 10/10
sims 2 9/10

**head assplodes** lol
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User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#65
Been playing a few.

Batman Arkham City (2nd play through): 7.5 I liked Arkham Asylum's suspense and feel better.

Skyrim: 8.0 glitchy and not as good as the last two Elder Scrolls, but has lots of content.

PlayStation All Stars: 9.0 very fun but not much offline to do.

Medal of Honor: Warfighter: 8.5 good gameplay, fun MP, but lacking the promised Co-Op and single player replay value

Battlefield 3: 8.0 good gameplay, awesome expansions, but very dull single player aspect and the first two expansions are pretty dead.

Assassin's Creed 3: 7.5 fun gameplay and decent story, but too long in tutorial stage and too many cutscenes
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User Info: shawnmck

4 years ago#66
RE6 = 8.0 out of 10.

^ It is nothing like what makes previous RE games so good, but taken as a 3rd- person shooter/ Action game it has a lot going for it.

User Info: ThePatrick

4 years ago#67
Ryûga gotoku 5 ~Yume, kanaeshi mono~ (if it ever comes to the U.S. it'll be "Yakuza 5")

I know it ain't 360, but whatevs, it's the one I've been playing for over a month with all my free time--because there's way too much content! Waaay too much to do--and the clunky interactions and sluggish loading times for things like entering shops make it take a long time to do said "too much" stuff.

We were promised that the series was taking new directions, and it has--but has it gone far enough? Sure, they've tacked on an extra story (basically) for each character that involves a completely different game mechanic. For instance, Kiryû, the series's main protagonist, now can become a driver and take on missions taxiing people around, or else racing against others. Saejima, who was one of the playable characters in the last game, gets to go hunting in a game that's kinda like Monster Hunter with a gun. But...what about the bread-and-butter of the series, the main story, side missions, and fighting?

Well the thing is, their idea of revamping the fighting was apparently to change the way you physically interact with enemies. Instead of bouncing them off the ground and comboing (which was only introduced a couple of games back), you now can hit them while they're on the ground with certain attacks. You have two new "super" moves: one that uses up a meter that gets charged up over a long period of time by beating foes, and another that is different for each character but basically amounts to either entering a "rage" mode or using your regular super meter to do things like extend combos.

But beyond that? It's the same fighting we've been used to for years and years. It's sluggish and clunky, and there is still the problem of their supposed lock-on system being basically a "strafe." Enemies still wander through attacks and are still pretty much invulnerable during their own attacks (and the wind-up to attack). So, you're still going to be using deliberate strategies and taking things kinda slow during fights because you really don't have enough options and it's not frenetic.

The mini-games? They say they've changed them up, but all they've done is made things a little harder in some of them. The majority of them are unchanged, and it's been too many years they've recycled them to make you want to keep at them to get the high scores and such needed to get items.

But worst of all, it still has the load times to enter shops and there is still too much interaction necessary--and it's still sluggish. Talk to someone and they have to nod or bow? You have to watch the whole animation, even if you are holding down the buttons to skip dialogue.

And there's a lot of it. Lots and lots and lots of dialogue and lots involved to everything in the entire game. I think it will be months before I can get 100%.

Tho' it's a very nice game, I think it's still not accessible to a very large group of the gaming public and I think they failed to address the issues long-time fans have had with the series. On top of that, there is a ton to do--which is both a plus and a minus. It's still very much a game you have to play by yourself--and one you can't even show off to friends because it will be kinda dull watching you eat something in a restaurant, walk outside, wander until you get a fight, take damage, and then go back to the restaurant so you can check off every single item you can order in the game, or whatever.

I guess if I have to give it a number, maybe 8.5/10 or so.
Ryuuga Gotoku (Yakuza) series text FAQs available at GameFAQs
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User Info: pacpuf7249

4 years ago#68
Assassins Creed lll: 9/10
Its so f****** amazing with the new fight style, gameplay styles and a whole lot of other stuff which feel fresh, but a lot of glitches, little ridiculous spots on an otherwise flawless story and a reifned control system which is sometimes great but sometimes frustating (because they removed/worsened various great things i.e: using weapons/fists while not fighting) make me not want to give it a 10. Also, I want an Assassins Creed with a Zelda-type interactivity with enviromental stuff, where you can pick up and throw most stuff and not just explosive barrels, the ability to slash stuff with your sword and break wood, walls, metal, that kind of thing. They could have made it with this 'new and revolutionary engine" but the game still turned out epic.

Pokemon White 2: 9/10
Even though at first it was better than the first ones, I realized the opposite. But what I did love is the huge pokemon variety and emphasis on battling (which in every new game (that ive noticed), Game Freak has been blatantly trying to reveal EV's to people who dont know waht they are yet), what White 1 also did, but also included a much better story (at least up to where im at). This gen has been pure nostalgic: White 1 with the "only new pokemon" rule, and White 2 with the "just battle pokemon" approach. Its great.
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User Info: Sand_Coffin

4 years ago#69
Xenoblade Chronicles - ?/10. Only a few hours in. Can forgive the Wii graphics, just not big on games with auto battles, I feel like the game is playing itself.

User Info: darealest47

4 years ago#70
Anarchy Reigns 8.5
Great melee multiplayer game
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