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Rate the game you are currently playing

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User Info: ZacTB

4 years ago#91
Uncharted 1 - 7/10

Uncharted 2 - 9/10

Borderlands 2 - 9/10

Resident Evil 6 - 8/10

User Info: bonewiper

4 years ago#92
Super Meat Boy...Awsome game!!!

User Info: Lambrusco

4 years ago#93
Anarchy Reigns


I like it.
Spiel Macht Frei.

User Info: ZDT_Leader

4 years ago#94
Halo 4 8.5/10
Lost odyssey 8/10
Borderlands 9/10

These games are absolutely amazing.
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User Info: UddersAndBlades

4 years ago#95
Anarchy Reigns: 8/10

Whatever campaign, wasn't anything special. But very fun multiplayer, with a few flaws that keep it from scoring higher.
nah dude

User Info: shadowdemon427

4 years ago#96
Forza 4 again, 9/10
The only thing I would like in 5 is different terrains, and of course more cars :3
I used to be a Vault Dweller like you, until my dad left the vault and I had this sudden urge to travel all over the Capital Wasteland to find him.

User Info: glyde69

4 years ago#97
oldgamingfan posted...
playing a lot of games right now
aphelion 2 10/10
brute force 10/10
mass effect 2 1/10
order and chaos10/10
space dominions 9/10
gladius 10/10
super smash bros brawl 10/10
phantasy star 4 10/10
zombi u 10/10
call of duty black ops 2 10/10
sims 2 9/10

You seem to REALLY REALLY REALLY like everything you play. I come across a "ten" once or twice a year.
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User Info: glyde69

4 years ago#98
Luthor_ posted...
Lost Odyssey - 9.5

Occasionally, boss battles include too much luck for my taste. That is the only thing holding it back from a 10 ATM.

I'm 12 hours in on the second disc.

Awesome game!

There's a dungeon in disk 4 that made me quit though. I don't remember the details, but the difficulty was PERFECT all game(hard for RPGS to have that perfect mix of fun and challenge, but they pulled it off almost the entire game). I was loving it too to bottom. Then I hit this dungeon that 1, was a huge maze and I was lost for hours, and 2, out of the blue it just got super super hard to where I was walking around lost in this maze and then every 5 seconds I was thrown into a random battle that straight up kicked my ass.

Little disappointed in myself for quitting the game, but I just remember being so frustrated and I vaguely remember a few new games releasing at that time, and I just moved on.
Gamer Tag: Wally Digital PSN name: Wally Digital Wii Code:2550-7930-3602-5785

User Info: MouthBreather82

4 years ago#99
Resident evil Remake (gamecube)- 8/10
NHL 13 (360) 8/10 play this quite a bit throughout the year
Trials HD (360) 8.5/10

Thats all I am really playing at the moment
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User Info: Kevlar338

4 years ago#100
Dead space 2 - 8 out of 10
I really enjoy the game , my main issues with the game are the multiplayer is weak to say the least the gameplay just doesn't work with the multiplayer , the other thing that bothers is issac's voice actor he just doesn't fit the character , I think they could have made a better choice .
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