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What Video Game Generation did you start gaming in?

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User Info: SierraRei

4 years ago#31
Super Mario Bros, Duck Hunt, and Kickmaster. Those were the days.

User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#32
shawnmck posted...


Damn, now I feel OLD !

Nah. You got to live through punk when it was good, metal during it's formative years (too late for the birth) and pretty much all of gaming. Lived through the slasher boom.

I like being my age. I was born at a pretty cool time. I don't know if I'd feel the same way if I were 20 years younger.
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User Info: bossk5

4 years ago#33
First gen
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User Info: Halochief6

4 years ago#34
N64 was my first console. It was the gold one too. I still play it :)
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User Info: GGearX

4 years ago#35
5th generation!

And I am proud of it. Although I do play old games as well. I love gaming and have played on older systems like atari NES SNES Gameboy, Sega Saturn, genesis.
I had some awesome friends. And A Korean friend as well who imported games from Japan . Man my early years were the best.
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User Info: ukokira1

4 years ago#36
Fith Generation. My dad did have most of the older consoles and Atari So I still got to play them.
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User Info: NejiHyuga900

4 years ago#37
I started gaming since the fourth generation and I was born during the 4th generation (born 1992). I started playing video games at the age of 3 (1995). My first console was the SNES and my second was the Genesis. The only gaming system I got for the 5th generation was the Game Boy Color so I pretty much skipped a majority of the fifth generation (as well as most of the fourth generation but at least I got a few fourth gen consoles). I still have my SNES and Genesis as of today (age 20) but I stashed them away.
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User Info: Kou-Nurasaka

4 years ago#38
I guess it was really third gen, but I didn't really get into gaming until around fourth.

User Info: Gary Stanton

Gary Stanton
4 years ago#39
2nd Generation

When the Arcades were the "movie theaters" of gaming
When we would pray that the Atari-Intellivision-Colecovision version would look as remotely close to the arcade game as possible (which was a fool's hope)
When Dragon's Lair was considered the most advanced video game ever made
"War as a video game; what better way to raise the ultimate soldier?" - Solid Snake

User Info: tweetyweety

4 years ago#40
3rd Generation

I remember feeling like such a badass beating Sesame Street Countdown when I was 4. It was the only game I could ever beat on our NES without having to use a Game Genie or getting my older sister to help.
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