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Is gesrs of war 3 a tower defense game?(horde mode)

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  3. Is gesrs of war 3 a tower defense game?(horde mode)

User Info: glassghost0

4 years ago#11
It wouldn't be completely wrong saying it's similar or does borrow elements from the tower defense genre.
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User Info: Nevercomingdown

4 years ago#12
bulletproven50 posted...
TheBlueStig posted...
Holy F***ing S***......

First, no, Gears 3 is not a tower defense game.

Second, it's TURRETS, not torrents....

My crappy iPad does it's auto correct thing I dunno

Probably cause you typed turrents. Not sure why so many people say that..

Horde mode is.. kinda tower defense? I mean you build up certain areas, spend money on fences and turrets and decoys and upgrading them and defend against waves of enemies until 50.
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User Info: bulletproven50

4 years ago#13
TrickyPony posted...
I think the answer you're looking for is yes and no. You can build turrets in Horde mode(they're called sentry guns), but they don't do much and they get destroyed extremely easily and they cost a fortune. To survive horde you have to do the majority of the heavy lifting (like 95% of it) and your sentries can do the rest.

In my opinion, the sentries best use is as an early warning system. Meaning you can keep your back to one and blast away, and you'll know if someone is flanking you by listening if your sentry is going off.

Additionally you can also build turrets and they're pretty useful, however you have to man it and fire it and it costs money to repair and reload it between rounds.

The best answer ever.

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  3. Is gesrs of war 3 a tower defense game?(horde mode)

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