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Dark Souls is the best game ever made

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User Info: TheGrandFinale

5 years ago#21
ironmaidenfan70 posted...
Don't care I'm saying it

It's a good game but I think donky kong is the best game ever made

Mortal Kombat, on Sega Genesis, is the best video game ever.
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User Info: BBBanks03

5 years ago#22
It’s not as good a game as Cinnamon Toast Crunch is a cereal.
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User Info: SikkaSill

5 years ago#23
From: master_gamr1231 | #003
I quit playing it after leaving the tutorial area. It bored me.

So you quit before actually starting the game? Makes complete sense -.-
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User Info: darkhare

5 years ago#24
-Damien- posted...
It's a complete package.

- perfect combat mechanic
- very well balance and challenging
- perfect risk and reward, action and consequence combination
- tons of variety of weapons and costumes
- great weapon and costume design
- great boss battles
- great level design
- atmospheric setting and environment
- fun and creative online gameplay

if you disagree, you're not a gamer

imo dark souls/demon souls has the perfect battle system that every wrpg should adopt, throw away the damn hack & slash mechanic.
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User Info: Brucebee

5 years ago#25

Dark Souls is a huge turd the combat is crap the level designs even more crap and it is more of a chore to play than being an actual enjoyable gaming experience. It is probably the only game on Xbox 360 that I can say I truly hate.
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User Info: pothocket

5 years ago#26
SikkaSill posted...
From: master_gamr1231 | #003
I quit playing it after leaving the tutorial area. It bored me.

So you quit before actually starting the game? Makes complete sense -.-

Makes a lot more sense than suffering through a game he doesn't enjoy or using sarcasm to try and make a point.
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

5 years ago#27
Have you really got nothing better to do than spam DS topics? Why don't you go and play the game instead of wasting time making the same topic over and over in slightly different guises?
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User Info: Lodiss

5 years ago#28
I played Dark Souls to death. 400+ hours across three characters. I bought a PS3 just for Demon's Souls, and I'm loving it too. If you've played either game, the next paragraph will make sense. Otherwise no.

I also picked up God of War Saga. And I'm having trouble enjoying it because the game just holds your hand the whole way through and doesn't let go. There's one obvious path that you can never stray from. Enemies hit you ten times but don't take a tenth of your health off even so. There are some platforming sections, where a fall equals death, but outside these obvious and clearly designed pitfalls, you cannot fall to your death.

THAT'S boring. No risk, no reward. The idea that you should get to see the whole game just because you bought it is killing gaming IMO. At least for people over a certain age, who remember when all games were like Dark Souls.

I know most people won't agree. That's fine. If I grew up playing cutscene games, where the story and graphics are as important as the gameplay, and didn't know anything different, I wouldn't agree with me either.
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User Info: bblbig

5 years ago#29
Just started replaying this game (had it for ps3 before it ylod'd on me). Top 5 this gen for me. Love it
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User Info: 656stooge

5 years ago#30
No. But it is the best game this gen.

Don't get me wrong, I love the game to bits, but it's a gameplay over story game and as such I never felt emotionally involved, and those are the games that are most memorable in my opinion. In 10 years time there might be a few dozen games with better gameplay than Dark Souls and going back to play DS will feel a chore as a result.

But stories like those in MGS or FF are timeless, and even though the gameplay and graphics are dated I still play them more than 10 years down the line.
So while DS might be my favorite game from this gen at the moment, I might find myself preferring something like Nier over time.
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