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Dark Souls is the best game ever made

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User Info: chex81

4 years ago#51
shawnmck posted...
^ That happens to almost everyone who plays the game, and is part of the process.
It actually isn't that bad, as you just need to adjust your play-style to get into sync with the game's mechanics.
Once you do, then the game becomes much easier.

But patience is a requirement....and if you lack that, then this game will only frustrate you.
Learning from your deaths and mistakes is part of the game's luster and is part of the Developer's intention.
You make a mistake & adjust and persevere until you succeed.
The reward is greater that way.
So it is intentional.

I myself have not played dark souls, only demon souls on ps3. With that said, I've gotta say that although I GET what you mean... Dying for 2 hours straight near the beginning of a game will turn a lot of people off. I really wanted to like demon souls, invested around 10 hours trying multiple strategies and dying a lot. It came down to the fact I invested many hours and didnt feel overly accomplished, and gave up. The reality for me is I have an hour every couple of days to pick up the controller, I'd rather progress in a game than stay in the same place weeks on end.

Do I suck at games? Maybe.
Do I consider myself 'hardcore'? No.
Do I like games that challenge me? Yes.
Did demon souls kick me hard enough to keep me away from dark souls? Yes, which is unfortunate. I just hear people constantly say dark is harder than I avoid the game like the plague.

I really think this game series appeals to people who can devote a healthy amount of time to it on a more frequent basis.
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User Info: 2Dshmuplover

4 years ago#52
The mind is like a parachute, it only works when it's open.
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User Info: DarkestSouls

4 years ago#53
Agree TC. I think this is the best game ever made.

it's like Castlevania of old days, except better because of the 3D environment, HD graphic, online co-op and pvp and tons of loots

this game is a masterpiece

User Info: ChezDispenser

4 years ago#54
I don't understand how other people can have varying op--VIDEO GAMES.

User Info: levyjl1988

4 years ago#55
F'ing love that game!

Although it could have used some improvements such as:
-Better face creation (perhaps comparable to Dragon's Dogma, Skyrim, or Saint's Row 3)
-Backstabs should be only limited to daggers
-More tactics (set traps such as caltrops, magic traps, etc for the tactical player)
-Interaction with the environment (if your character gets wet, their appearance should look wet, fire with grass should set it ablaze, etc).

But I'm holding out for these updates to be made in Dark Souls 2, or so I hope.
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User Info: Summokelp

4 years ago#56
Great game, Best of all time? Don't think so.
GT - HiChui

User Info: lostnumberwar

4 years ago#57
-Damien- posted...
Trixone posted...
Nah, that title belongs to Demon's Souls. Its story-telling it's amazing. If you like to be spoon-fed the story then look elsewhere. Also, if you die it was because of your own doing, don't blame the game. You play by its rules and you will succeed.

Demon's Souls is better in certain areas, but I believe Dark Souls has a more complete package

You contradict yourself.
If another game is better in certain areas then it can't possibly be the best game ever made. The best game ever made would be the best it can possibly be in all areas. So if Demon's Souls is better than it at something then it fails to be best game ever made.
And now for something completely the same.

User Info: TheBorderCollie

4 years ago#58
From: SunDevil77 | #006
-Damien- posted...
not a gamer

You're describing yourself.

He's a die-hard Sony Fanboy.

He's inherently "not a gamer."
Happy to see the return of TBC: 137
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