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Is there a game you personally thought "so close to my perfect game"?

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  3. Is there a game you personally thought "so close to my perfect game"?

User Info: zebmarvin

5 years ago#141

I loved that game. So. Much.
I'm new.

User Info: xipiii

5 years ago#142
chrono and ocarina of time

User Info: BoatsNh0es

5 years ago#143
Final Fantasy Tactics
Disgaea : Hour of Darkness
Halo CE
Final Fantasy VIII
KOTOR 1 & 2
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of Symphonia

And a special mention to Halo 2 for still being the best online experience I have ever had

To name a few
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User Info: superwesker

5 years ago#144
Streets of rage remake is my perfect game
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User Info: Prismsblade

5 years ago#145
Xenoblade chronicles in PS3 lv graphics :p
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User Info: Exilious

5 years ago#146
KotOR 1 and 2
Final Fantasy 8
Mass Effect 2
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User Info: Bloodmoon77

5 years ago#147
Bioshock. Except I pretend that the very last part of the game doesn't exist.

User Info: CaliberChamp

5 years ago#148
I stopped reading once I saw. "X com was mostly perfect for me."
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User Info: Kevinroth666

5 years ago#149
Dragon's Dogma.

User Info: Xroalia

5 years ago#150
Okami. The only thing that would have made that game more perfect would be more trees to bloom. And get rid of Blockhead...
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  3. Is there a game you personally thought "so close to my perfect game"?

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