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where do you put your video games?

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User Info: gabrius

4 years ago#11
pakathecat posted...
gabrius posted...
I'm totally surrounded.... HELP!!!

But of course! I'll relieve you of your burden, just send 'em all my way! Purely in the interests of helping you out, of course... ;-)

You're such a kind soul!
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#12
All over the damn place. Mostly in a big stack next to my fireplace because my shelves are full.
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User Info: heatseekers

4 years ago#13
i have them organized in a filing cabinet under my xbox
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#14
I put the games in a dvd holder in a compartment in the couch...keep the top played games in a stack in the entertainment center...and the boxes on the shelf for display
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User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#15
Two of these....
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User Info: BDza

4 years ago#16
Current gen games are in a DVD binder next to my consoles. Cases are stored away in one of those benches you can sit on and is hollow inside so you can store stuff (extra controllers and wires go in there too).

Any previous gen games are in their cases next to the consoles which hooked up to another TV.
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User Info: Chykka_Black

4 years ago#17
4 and 5. All my inactive games are in my top drawer while the 8 most recent are next to my xbox
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
4 years ago#18
while the game is being played its kept in a white paper sleeve next to the console and when I'm finished with the entire game it goes in the case on the shelf.
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User Info: Landonio

4 years ago#19
Got like a 96-disc zip-up holder. It really is the way to go once you get like 30+ games.
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User Info: zyxomma100

4 years ago#20
Shelf. Unfortunately, I'm out of shelves, so there is a slowly growing pile of games for various consoles piling next to my computer.
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