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What games do you guys avoid?

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User Info: KobraXZ

4 years ago#111
JRPGs, sports, racing, and Call of Duty.

User Info: Maximoom

4 years ago#112
sports, dancing, dota-like, and dumb buttonmashers (i dont mind buttonmashing occasionaly like a god of war game where you are finishing a boss or something. But stuff like mario party where who buttonmash more win, i dont enjoy it anymore.

User Info: Sun Xiao

Sun Xiao
4 years ago#113
Online Games
Action except beat em up like Dynasty/Orochi/Samurai Warriors, Bladestorm, or Sengoku Basara not Gundam stuffs or arcade fighting i.e. Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, etc
RPGs that require buttonmasher i.e. Shadow Hearts or musical i.e. Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure ,or need to hear i.e. Saga Frontier at Gen's home or Illusion of Gaia via waterfall

I had to let my brother or cousin played for me to get past area that need to listen. However, I managed to figure out how to beat mini game for arcane at Gen's home some years later which I had to thank someone who gave me some advices long time ago.

i am basically fan of RPG, SRPG, RTS, strategy games while I do play few sports like Madden, NCAA Football, Baseball Star, Tecmo Super Bowl, etc. I am consider myself an old school rpg.
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User Info: Fierce_Deity_08

4 years ago#114
Sports games except NASCAR and most FPS.
Frog in the Moonlight.
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