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How many are sticking to MS next gen?

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User Info: TheAxeMurderer1

4 years ago#51
NejiHyuga900 posted...
I am still sticking with Microsoft (as well as Nintendo). The PS4 may have better specs than the Xbox 720 but PS4 will have no backwards compatibility with any retail PS1-PS3 games and used PS4 games cannot be played on PS4 (I am guessing that PS4 games will have some sort of activation code that can only be used once).

For the Eighth Generation, I am going to stick with Xbox 720 (or Durango or whatever), Wii U (already own it), and 3DS (already own it)... as well as my PC. If I don't get a gaming PC, then I will get Valve's "Steam Box".

Used PS4 games not being allowed is just a silly rumour.

User Info: Revenanced

4 years ago#52
I've been pretty loyal to Sony until this gen. I've been much more satisfied with my xbox then I have with my ps3. If I have a choice between what console I'm playing (because the game is on both consoles) I ALWAYS choose my xbox.

As for next gen, as another poster said, it really depends on the games. What I'd like is for Nintendo to stop catering to 12-16 yr olds but I doubt that will stop happening.
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User Info: NightsOwl

4 years ago#53
If it's one console I have no idea how people see the appeal in, it's the 360.
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User Info: EchoX860

4 years ago#54
I'm set with Gold until 2015, so yes

User Info: gamestar9999

4 years ago#55
i felt pretty burned by MS this gen after going through 4 360s and them sending me a half ass refurbished one that broke a month later. they really gonna have to step it up with their new system for me to buy another from them. since then ive had my ps3 and wii with no problems and great games to play i hardly touch my xbox anymore.

User Info: rusty12000

4 years ago#56
I personally am falling off the Xbox band wagon. If there is anything i have seen this generation is that microsoft's greed will eventually destroy gaming. I was originally excited for DLC and digital downloaded games. But Mircrosoft has brought it to this terrible new level. put micro transactions in games so you need to buy stuff off the disc even tho you already paid full price for the game. now i know developers a lot of time this is the developers putting this crap into there games, but you don't see microsoft trying to stop it. or any kind of quality control with it.

Also with digital download i remember being told how this will bring down the cost of games because they don't have to make discs, manual, and case, and that buyers would end up saving money. But that isn't the case with microsoft's download service if anything we get penny pinched more then we did before.

Then to top it off XBL actually costs money with is insane. Don't give me the but we pay for awesome service crap because its not good service. First of all there is no dedicated servers in games, you must play off a hosts xbox and connection, which of course leads to host advantage. and if the host quits its delays the game for sometimes minutes.

All and all i am not happy with the "xbox experience" this generation. I am not sure if i will continue with xbox. i look at steam and say that's how digital download should be. awesome sales, some free content, not charging developers thousands of dollars to do an update ect. -- Put a stop to Big internet companies trying to put a cap on bandwidth in Canada!!!!

User Info: dkgamer

4 years ago#57
I will probably end up getting an xbox and a ps4 eventually, but if I had to choose 1 I think I would probably go with the playstation next gen. I am a big fan of RPG's, and the PS3 has had a lot more JRPG's and the like released than the 360, especially in Europe.
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User Info: FlameDragn

4 years ago#58
Depends on the game. Never have understood people getting brand loyalty in video games. It's not like you're getting paid to be a pimp for these companies. Just go where the games you like are being supported. Sheesh.

User Info: deimos91

4 years ago#59
teehee23 posted...
Microsoft 1st party games and XBLA are my favorites and frankly Nintendo 1st party games are too kiddy for my preferences and Sony 1st party games have never much interested me except for Crash Bandicoots.

Plus 3rd party support is always great on Xbox.

thats not true MS has the least exclusives and thats including third party it is maybe ok but not great

User Info: BlackJustice12

4 years ago#60
honestly i thinkmost people might change from xbox including myself cuz xbox live gold costs to much and on the playstation 3 yuh dont have to pay to play online with friends
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