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How many are sticking to MS next gen?

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User Info: BoomerTheGreat

4 years ago#61
I was very loyal to microsoft and microsoft had good games and apps but i just was captivated by the Wii U and its direction so im jumping ship. I always liked nintendo but now I see that they realize that their fan base wants more mature games and they are delivering.
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User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

4 years ago#62
BC and games.
It's why I don't have a Wii U right now...because there were 2 games that interested me and even with Monolith Soft's next game looking quite good (I'm just not caught up in the hysteria there seems to be on the Wii U boards) I'll at least wait for a price cut.

User Info: godplaysSNES

4 years ago#63
Res5 posted...
Galcian posted...
If Xbox Live Gold still costs $59.99 a year then probably not, at least not in the beginning

I wanna know why people act like that's a lot of money. Typically people make that in one day of work at minimum wage.

It's damn expensive compared to paying zero USD for playing the same games online on the PS3 and PC

If you've paid 59,99 USD a year for four years, you could afford a new Xbox 360 for that
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User Info: pfh1001

4 years ago#64
At this point, I'm not interested in any of the next gen because I don't go fawning over a system just because of the logo or the specs.

I am only interested in the games & how useful the system is. If the 720 doesn't have backwards compatibility or has controls against used games, then I won't be buying it under any circumstances, I'll just build a gaming quality PC. The only thing I can say with certainty is that I will pass on the Wii U.

User Info: elsmitty

4 years ago#65
I've already got a so called next gen device it's called a high end pc. It's specs are already better then next poopstation or xbox 9000. It does have a windows 7 operating system though so I guess yes I am sticking with Microsoft.
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User Info: vega2505

4 years ago#66
I get all the consoles so I don't have to choose...I'll use the best one as my main and then get the exclusives for the others.
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User Info: schmittycent2

4 years ago#67
I'm sticking with ms next gen I'm sticking with my Xbox 360 no need for a new system.
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User Info: Pixx0

4 years ago#68
Got a whole lot of systems, from this gen, from older ones.
I lost two 360s, no warranty...careful owner (mind you, same happened to my BC launch PS3).
add to that many exclusives made their way on PC...(having too a great gaming PC and steam) the choice is easy...

exclusives are becoming a thing of the past...soso failing hardware (in hope my slim 360 will last this time)... pass for me.
This will be mainly PC for next gen, maybe a PS4 and I got a WiiU, some of its exclusives got my attention (zombiu, bayonetta 2, some incoming jp rpgs).
Unless MS secure some solid exclusives for the next console (and by secure I mean NO PC release), I'm done with them.

User Info: Cobra1010

4 years ago#69
They just dont need to charge for online. But they do because they can.
Playing: Nothing, maybe a bit of LoL. Am I getting old or are games this gen just mediocre?
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User Info: ItsTheSasquatch

4 years ago#70
I'm completely willing to go PC-only next gen, and will definitely do so if the "digital download only" rumor was true (I haven't been keeping up with the news on this, so I apologize if this has been confirmed false). My Wii's been gathering dust for years, so no Wii U, and Sony's on my lifetime boycott list for OtherOS, the geohot lawsuit, and their involvement in the RIAA/MPAA.

Haven't had much time to play games lately anyway. Kind of an ironic side effect of trying to make your own--between the actual programming and trying to throw together assets for testing, there's just no time left.
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