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How many are sticking to MS next gen?

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User Info: TheKingOf-Kings

4 years ago#81
I'm not a fanboy, so this line of thought is meaningless to me.


4 years ago#82
As a high level gamer, I tend to keep that information to myself...
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User Info: Halochief6

4 years ago#83
I prefer to own all the main consoles to begin with. That's how I've been the last two gens (minus the Dreamcast lol)
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User Info: renzsweet

4 years ago#84
I will never stick to only one company. I would be robbing myself.
I praise the name of Jesus.

User Info: tarnishedash

4 years ago#85
I'll see what launch titles it comes with, either way, I'm getting the next playstation and xbox, just which first.

User Info: CorneliusNepos

4 years ago#86
I got burned enough with the 360. Never again. I'll stick with systems that are neither designed to fail nor focused solely on inane shooters.

User Info: Dante200X

4 years ago#87
I don't want to deal with nor be charged for xbox live anymore :/
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User Info: whatnow12012

4 years ago#88
People it isnt going to be called the 720 nor is the PS4 going to be called the PS4 they will be under diffrent names.

the 720 is an internet made up name same deal with the Wii and the codename Dolphin.

Now the codename for 720 aka Durrango the PS4 is under 2 names Orbis or Omni dont know which is the real deal under ths PS4.

I need more info before I make my choice between the 3 systems I am not about brand loyaltly to me it has and always has been about the TECH, PRICE and other aspects not the consoles.

So I need more info on the PS4 and the 720 hopefully E3 will answer my questions.

My biggest fear is 2 fold 1 being the Always on Device and lastly and most important being the Price with everyday life and all that the price must be right.

A third option also comes to mind that being games over the 65 dollar price range I have only paid over 65 bucks this generation for big time Signature editions or Collector edtions of my Favorite games. I wouldnt do it all the time nor could I cause of everyday life and other aspects of life.

So I need info on the Price, the Tech, the deals on the games such will they be over 65 dollars or not.

The banning of used games or Backwards isnt an issue for me cause I plan on keeping my current gen systems regardless of next-gen consoles also just cause the new gen comes dosent mean the current gen will be dead.

It will just mean that most games will be Dual Generations such as Dragon Age 3 or God Eater 2 for the PSP & Vita so it will be with DA 3 being on current cause of our Saves then Next gen with an inter-active comic deal or pre-selected history choice.

Still I need to know more before I make the plunge into next-gen currently I am not worried about making the switch cause of so many awesome games coming out for my other consoles so I dont really care about Gen 8 at the moment.

But that dosent make me even more curious either it makes me more curious than ever wanting more info not just fake rumors from the net.

User Info: schmuck82

4 years ago#89
We will see.

User Info: Psychofang12001

4 years ago#90
Sticking with Xbox the next model looked awesome from what I seen though backwards compatibility and able to use the same account and achievement points be ideal it better be this time
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