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What games are you playing right now and how would you rate them?

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User Info: Halochief6

4 years ago#101
GOW: Judgement. 7.5-8/10
GOW 3. 9.5/10
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User Info: Rome218

4 years ago#102
GoW:J - A really solid 8 so far.
I just finished the first campaign, and the gameplay is solid. No real character development and because of that, I feel the story suffers. In some ways I like GoW3's campaign better. It felt like I had more freedom with weapons.

Since I use every declassify thing, I feel I always have to have a gnasher and a lancer. The combat is as satisfying as ever. Some areas towards the end make me feel like this game is meant to be played co-op(Which I'm doing). I kind of like the horde mode approaches the campaign has.
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User Info: CyricsServant

4 years ago#103
Home - 6/10: Home is a bite-sized game currently selling for a dollar on Steam. It's been marketed as a horror game but it's more of a murder mystery. You take on the role of an amnesiac who wakes up in a strange, unfamiliar place. It doesn't take long for you to discover your first dead body. From there its up to you to interact with your environment, uncovering clues, to piece together what has happened. By the time you finally reach your home, you're asked to draw certain conclusions . . . and those conclusions impact what ending you'll get. The clues that you uncover can lead you wildly different directions, so there is a bit of re-playability. Unfortunately, the game is perhaps too minimalistic, and the choices you're permitted to make at the end seem unnecessary and too meta-gamey. You can perform certain actions throughout the game which have some bearing on your morality and sanity, such as the option to release a mouse from a trap or to carry a bloody knife with you. Imo, events like those are what should have impacted your ending, not some arbitrary, eleventh hour decisions.

User Info: FlyEaglesFly24

4 years ago#104
NHL 13- 9/10

Its basically the best hockey game ever made, and yes I know its just a roster update for an already amazing engine, but the momentum skating mechanic they got going on just makes it so much more fun.

Assassins Creed 3 7/10
Personally, I think this series shot itself in the foot when it made Brotherhood, and ACIII paid the price for it. ACII was such a great game, and ubisoft turned the series into a cash grab. I look at ACIII as a crying shame really, the controls are clunky, the story is not nearly as fleshed out as it should be, the game world doesn't really know what it wants to be, and for some strange reason Ubisoft screwed up the free running system and horse back riding mechanic and made it a complete chore, where as in AC II you never missed your mark on a jump, ACIII has you bouncing off walls like a pinball. For shame.

Far Cry 3 7/10
Ok, I must be missing something with this game, because Skyrim with guns it aint, and in this case I would rather it was. I find this game to be completely uninteresting. The AI is moronic, the game world is way too big, and there isn't really enough to do in it other than climb those stupid radio towers and snipe a bunch of people in those little outposts. I honestly was expecting a lost more, and I'm very upset my expectations weren't met. Maybe the story picks up, maybe it doesn't, but I just can't seem to care about it enough to find out.

Gears of War 3 8/10
Interestingly, I hated Gears 1, and never even bothered with Gears 2. A buddy let me borrow Gears 3, and I have to say for some strange reason it managed to grab me in a way that the original never did, no matter how many times I tried. I would have rated the game higher, but I went to log in to a multiplayer match today, and low and behold there was a whopping population of 753 people world wide playing team death match . Now I know judgement just came out, but holy crap, how does a game like that lose a following that quickly? I'm afraid to find out.
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User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#105
Mass Effect 3 (MP): 8.5. Great game. Good MP mode. HORRIBLE ending. Ending = full piont deduction by itself.

NBA2K13: 8.9. Great basketball game. Has more issues than people talk about though. Why 2K gets a pass for stuff and EA doesn't, I don't know, but they shouldn't.

Forza 4: 9.0. Best racing game out right now period. If it had more tracks or a track creator, i'd give it a 10.
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User Info: Trugamer

4 years ago#106
I just finished XCOM 9/10 brilliant game

Got back into Skyrim with a second character 9/10

Been playing NBA2K11 association and my player 8/10

Just started FC3 SP recently 7/10 so far

User Info: SeahorseCpt89

4 years ago#107
Skyrim: 10/10

Started a 3rd file. Still an amazing game.

Halo 4: 9/10

One of the best Halo games, especially it's multiplayer. I pick it up every now and then.

Sonic Dash: 6/10

It's highly addictive, but it's brought down by its cheap level design and ridiculous amount of in-app purchases (especially the characters)

Chrono Trigger: 10/10

Fantastic game, just bought it for the Wii.

Happy Wars: 8/10

In spite of a few technical problems, this is the most fun I've ever had in an arcade game.

User Info: ffgameman

4 years ago#108
Black Ops II: 8.5/10. I love the Call of Duty series, but I'm finally beginning to tire of the same ol', same ol'. That said, it's still rather addictive most of the time.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North: 8/10. Much better game than many critics thought. It really gets more fun on the 2nd playthrough, as better loot opens up. I enjoy playing it with a friend. The combat is repetitive, but not too bad.

Borderlands 2: 9/10. The gunplay and enviroments are already slightly better than the first game, as well as the loot. I still think some of the areas are too big with wasted space (one of my complaints with the original).
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User Info: CyricsServant

4 years ago#109
Gears of War 3 - 7/10: *spoilers!!!!!* Okay, two months later and I've finally invested the 8 or so hours necessary to beat the game. I think my original score of 7 out of 10 is pretty fair. Gears 3 did a number of things I liked.

It has more boss fights than the previous games, and they're actually pretty decent this time around. I liked the Kraken visually, and I thought the Lambent Berserker was a great throwback to the original Gears. Those chase sequences in the original game were unbelievably tense, and I both missed and dreaded them. The Queen and her fire beetle thing actually made for a good boss fight as well, maybe the best in the series.

The plot was snooze worthy for 90% of the game, but I'm glad it wrapped things up instead of leaving room for a sequel. I didn't flat out hate the characters this time around, which is good, but I still didn't care much for them. I thought the scene with Dom was surprisingly well done and I liked that they decided to have him make his sacrifice with Mad World playing in the background instead of thrash metal. All in all, Gears 3 was a solid game and I don't have any complaints (besides series-spanning ones not specific to 3). Still, the story, the world, and (to a lesser extent) the gameplay prevent me from giving it anything higher than a 7.

User Info: CyricsServant

4 years ago#110
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP - 7.5/10: This is a weird one. The best way I can describe it is as Zelda re-imagined as a point-and-click rhythm puzzle game . . . so yeah, it's pretty out there. The gameplay feels incredibly flawed, especially during the "battle" sequences, but it's strangely compelling.
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