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What games are you playing right now and how would you rate them?

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User Info: DarkSymbiote

4 years ago#51
MGS4: 9.5/10

DmC: 6.5/10
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User Info: TheGrandFinale

4 years ago#52
656stooge posted...

Chrono Trigger: Just like the Princess Bride, it's one of those things that despite the unreal expectations placed on it, still manages to live up to the hype. My first time playing it and I'm humming the soundtrack everywhere I go. Inconceivably good!

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User Info: flame030191

4 years ago#53
Modern Warfare 3: 8/10. Good improvement over the previous two CoD games in balancing and works much better than BOps2 does. Drawback is that the game isnt aging too well. Its kind of becoming "been there, done that"

Batman AC: 8.5/10 better gameplay than AA with tons to do. However the story, setting, and feel hasnt improved IMO. I guessed the ending halfway through the game.

Skyrim: 7.5/10. Decent visuals, good open world, nice DLC. Problem is it gets boring and tedious leveling up and getting achievements, and overall i felt Oblivion was more of an improvement.

Halo 4: 9/10. Good visuals, fun MP, much better than Reach. The single player story isnt catching my eye, and the DLC seems too pricey.
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User Info: Killah Priest

Killah Priest
4 years ago#54
damn... now I kinda want to check out P4 arena...
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User Info: Grave2k

4 years ago#55
Skyrim: 9/10 point taken off because ever since Dragonborn I have had alot of glitches. but other than that its A great game to loose yourself in.

Dragon's Dogma: 10/10 I am hooked on this game since it launched and can't stop playing it which is how skyrim was when it came out.

Assassin's Creed 3: 9/10 First Assassin Creed game I completed only thing was it seemed to short. But still had fun with single player and multiplayer.

User Info: EmperorBlack

4 years ago#56
Skyrim - 8 out of10 -- I love how there is so much to do, and the world is's a dream for those that love the simple act of exploring a game's world. It's also one of the only modern console games where I get to be a vampire (vampire lord of course... orc), and I'm having fun with that. It's like I could spend days just wandering the world and fighting/killing things with these badass powers. I just wish the combat itself was more fun.

Kingdoms of Amalur - 9 out of 10 -now this has the combat I've always wanted in an RPG. It's straight-up action-game style combat, so it's actually fun/entertaining. I've put a ridiculous number of hours into this game, with several different characters. I'm so obsessed with this game, I actually bought it on both PS3 and 360. Yeah, I have multiple characters on both versions of the game.

Borderlands 2 - 9 out of 10. Seven characters, several hundreds of hours on it. It's such a huge improvement over the first game, imo...better graphics, more varied environments and enemies, more interesting abilities, guns, etc. It's fun to play around with different builds for each character. I've also been fortunate to have a good amount of people to play this with; both Borderlands games truly shine when you have friends that also like playing it.

User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#57
NASCAR 09 : 7.0/10
GTA IV : 9.0/10
Forza Horizon : 7.0/10
F1 2012 : 8.0/10
Forza Motorsport 4 : 9.5/10
Dirt 3 : 7.0/10
Skyrim 9.5/10
Battlefield 3 : 7.5/10

That's my current cycle only counting 360 games.
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User Info: CyricsServant

4 years ago#58
L.A. Noire: Complete Edition: 8/10: I'm roughly a third of the way through this game. The cases are all really unique and the gameplay is interesting, but there's a certain formula to it. I'm really loving the game right now, but I could see myself hating it by the time I reach the ending. If I had one complaint, it's that there's a "right" answer to every single interview question.

User Info: the36thchamber

4 years ago#59
resident evil operation raccoon city- 8/10

im really early into the game but aside from a few performance problems and certain enemies looking like theyre dead when theyre not i like this game alot.i love the style of how the game looks, the weapons handle really well and even though i never played it it plays like a mix of socom and resident evil

soul calibur v- 8/10

my only main issue with the game is the controls feel kind of slow or unresponsive which hurts because the game is pretty fast. the customization couldve been much better just like tekken theres a ton of silly crap like shirts and pants and cowboy stuff?ok. they couldve had a better mode than legendary souls. the gameplay,moves,graphics,music,stages everything is at some of the best ive seen from the series.namco just keeps doing stuff to hold themself back unlike virtua fighter who goes all out with everything
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User Info: ironmaidenfan70

4 years ago#60
Hitman absolution -9/10
Alpha protocol -7/10
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