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Why are there so many huge backlogs with so many total cheapskate gamers?

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  3. Why are there so many huge backlogs with so many total cheapskate gamers?

User Info: gabrius

4 years ago#41
Gear is right though - I need to find a good chunk of time somewhere so I don't pop in one of my go-to, half hour games ^_^
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User Info: Mutant1988

4 years ago#42
Here's a thought:

Games are more important than subscriptions for a service which you don't use enough to make worth it's price of admission, especially when it's features are available for free elsewhere.

If I have to budget my entertainment purchases, games always go first.

And a system is only as good as the games you can get for it. It needs a lot of strong titles if it's going to sell at a higher price point than the standard.

And not all games are worth $60. Those that are, I get. Those that aren't, I get later. Games keep being released, I keep buying games, I get a backlog.

It's not rocket science.
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User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#43
ajzoot posted...
I don't even know where to start questioning the financial sensibilities of these people... Then there's the word backlog itself. Just a question, but does anybody that has ever experienced a proper job refer to having unplayed games as a backlog?

A backlog is an accumulation of something, not specifically work. Therefore it's a reasonable term to use here. What else would you call it?

I have a backlog of MS points I bought at half price recently. At my rate of spending I figure it'll last me a couple of years. If instead I chose to buy MSP when I want something later, it would cost me double. So which makes more financial sense, especially given that the cash I spent on MSP would earn roughly zero interest in a bank?

I bought games I wanted around Black Friday and Xmas which I haven't played yet, but I definitely will. Even now, not a single one of them is cheaper than what I paid.
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User Info: StarskiR

4 years ago#44
I guess TC you have never experienced Steam holiday sales.
You end up buying the complete game series for cheaper than you can buy just the first title in that series. Combine several buys at once, or spread across the many sales. Anyone can gain a backlog, but it costs you next to nothing.
For $60 you can almost get a year`s worth of games, if you know what you are doing on Steam.
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User Info: Ryan2002

4 years ago#45
SoF-Rambo posted...
I bought Star Wars: The Old Republic strictly for the statue (Collecters was $25.) The game is just sitting there, because I have no PC to play it on.

You and me both.
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User Info: oasisbeyond

4 years ago#46
What I never understood are people who buy a bunch of games full price and never play them... If I buy full price I play and beat it. The cheaper ones I play but I don't always finish them.

User Info: gabrius

4 years ago#47
There's a guy who posts here who has every single disc release, all bought day 1... it confounds me as well.
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius

User Info: MR_Soren

4 years ago#48
Quote:gabrius posted...

Dude. Stop playing shmups and play them games!


Why? The shoot-em-ups are better and have far more replay value.
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User Info: MRL3G3ND

4 years ago#49
what you are seeing is the difference between hardcore gamers and casual gamers.

hardcore gamers are the ones that don't have huge backlogs because they play everyday.

casual gamer play when they between work, family, and other social activities...basically gaming is not at the center of the casual players universe...which is why they are called casual...they pick of the controller when it's convenient...

Hardcore gamers will be camped out for the 720 no matter how much it costs, because gaming is central to their lives.

casual gamers can afford to take their time, and wait for price drops because it's not THAT important to have the newest technology day 1...they don't even play that much. Think about it, would you be willing to pay $699 for the newest bowling ball when you only go once or twice a month?

People get offended when you call them casual as if it's a reflection of their gaming choices...when it really has to do with their gaming patterns

then their are just plain ole cheap folks who waste time equal to the money they save, and call it a deal...worse than women when they see the words S-A-L-E
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User Info: gabrius

4 years ago#50
^^ what an ignorant load of fail ^^
/XBL|PSN\ - Gabrius
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