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Is there a gaming franchise you wish had just been left alone?

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User Info: ThePowerOf140

4 years ago#41
Final Fantasy XIII.


User Info: Juhanor

4 years ago#42
SunDevil77 posted...
Again, where is the bad Halo game? Or Darksiders? Or Assassins Creed?

I adored Halo until Microsoft/343i became the exclusive owners of the franchise. Good up until Reach, then after that - in my opinion - the quality of the series tanked. I'll clarify my opinion by saying that I haven't actually played CE:A or Halo 4 (never will, either) because 343i's lack of passion, story-wise, was really off-putting to me. Glasslands was a pile of crap and should never have made it to the shelves, especially when the "new guys" are supposed to be showing the Bungie-era fans that they can use established canon for a purpose other than dumping all over it.

So that's Halo. 4 could be a good game, technically speaking, but personally I wish the series had ended at Reach.

The first Darksiders was an excellent single-player game, had a great story and didn't need any online connectivity to get the whole experience. Darksiders II, while still a great game, just didn't have the same level of quality that the first game did. Didn't care for the pre-release announcement of DLC (season pass as well?), didn't care for what should have been in-game content being locked unless you DL'ed it, didn't care for Death's plot or the final boss. Given the nature of the first game and THQ's looming bankruptcy near the second's release, it feels kinda obvious why those "money-making" changes were put in place.

So for Darksiders, my feelings aren't so much "I wish it didn't have a sequel" as "I wish THQ hadn't meddled in the franchise."

AC's problem lies wholly in AC3 - still a good game, technically speaking. I wasn't a fan of the dumbed-down locomotion, and crafting seemed like an unnecessary addition. A little too glitchy in some aspects, as well, but I can forgive Ubi for that due to the new engine. The story wasn't enjoyable for me, either, though I can't fault Ubi for that; they probably were spent on the writing front after Ezio's Trilogy (which makes the series for me). Naval missions were pretty much one of the best experiences I've ever had playing games, though.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#43
I stopped reading at the part where you didn't play Halo 4 and think its lacking in story.
Bro, when you tack on mass, you sacrifice flexibility. That's just a straight up fact

User Info: Juhanor

4 years ago#44
Okay, good for you.

I don't think post-Bungie Halo is lacking in story so much as I think that the story is outright bad. The books were usually indicative of the quality of the games - moreso on 343i's part, because they actually said they were using Glasslands as a stepping-stone for Halo 4 - and given the content of Glasslands....

Executive meddling and lack of passion/care/whatever-you-want-to-call-it doesn't make for good story-telling, and the new owners of Halo pretty much proved that when they took the story in a direction that dumped over a decade of canon.

User Info: justingriffin19

4 years ago#45
Honestly, I cant stand any game by Rockstar. Hated RDR. So RDR
Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned for Sega.
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