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dragon age 1 or 2 is $10 in the marketplace

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User Info: ssjtrunk1

4 years ago#1
Is it worth it?
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User Info: denniedarko

4 years ago#2
They are both good games. I am in the minority when I say Dragon Age II is a better game. I probably would have loved Dragon Age Origins more if I had played it on the PC.

For that price though you can't go wrong with either one.
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User Info: Fiyun

4 years ago#3
Overall Dragon Age Origins is the better game on all accounts, but recommending someone buying anything but the Ultimate Edition feels a bit iffy on a console.

User Info: Surv1valism

4 years ago#4
Yeah i believe its only $20 new for the ultimate which adds a ton of playtime.
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User Info: GinsuVictim

4 years ago#5
I picked up the Ultimate Edition for $15 at Walmart.
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User Info: TheBeastWithin

4 years ago#6
Origins is the better game but if you play DA2 first you probably won't like it because the combat, while fine if you have no point of reference, is dated.

I agree with above posters that you should get ultimate edition instead, which has all of that DLC you see for sale there included, for about $20 these days. Even with this sale, altogether the cost of DA:O and every DLC is far higher.
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User Info: Slinky826

4 years ago#7

While this is true, this would be the perfect sale for me since I already have all the DLC, just lost my copy of the game when my ex and I broke up.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

4 years ago#8
Well you definatly want to get Dragon Age Origins and play it first, since DA2 takes place after. I enjoy the combat in both games, but I feel DA2 made it a bit better overall.

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#9
DAO is definitely not worth it on GoD, unless you already own all the DLC.

The GoD version is the vanilla game, and does not include Stone Prisoner (normally $15 without the code, not on sale) or Blood Dragon Armor (cannot be purchased separately for the console versions).
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