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Regenerative health needs to go away.

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User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#101
*takes a hail of bullets*

"Better wipe the strawberry jam off my face!"

Now energy shields, ala Halo make sense. They get depleted, and have to wait to recharge. If it makes sense from a lore perspective, it's fine. Not that BS you see in 95% of shooters today.

Besides, medkits are as much a staple of gaming as anything else.

Also, would regenerating health really help a game like Team Fortress 2, where you have an entire class dedicated to keeping your team healed? No, it would totally screw the balance. Yes, the Medic has regenerating health, but it's so gradual, that it makes little difference in a firefight. (And certain weapons stunt the regen even further.)
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User Info: Erupt50

4 years ago#102
This whole topic shows just how absolutely ridiculous gamefaqs is. Gotta love it...
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User Info: Knight_Rider_3K

4 years ago#103
AnarchyCamp posted...
It's not realistic to recover from near death simply by resting behind a wall for 15 seconds. We need to bring back the food system from the late 80's/early 90's.

Small items, such as a dumpling, would offer a small amount of health recovery. Intermediate would be a hamburger or hot dog. Maximum health would be recovered from a whole roast chicken. The food items would be left on the ground at random parts of levels. Also, sometimes you will need to smash a wooden crate with a pipe to get to the chicken drumstick inside.

I think this system could be seamlessly integrated into most modern games.
What do you think?

They tried that in Reach and people hated it.
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User Info: whiteboygene

4 years ago#104
Depends on the game, IMO. For instance, I would never play Dead Space games if they had regenerating health. On the other hand, I'd be hard pressed to play CoD if they DID NOT have regenerating health.
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