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What, if anything, would make you quit gaming?

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User Info: CapwnD

4 years ago#21
From: BlueJester007 | #019
Winternova posted...
HajimeNoIppo posted...
JKSonic posted...

Going all motion controlled?


Stupid concept and I wont be apart of it.

If you won't be separated from it, why do you call it a stupid concept?

What a difference a space makes.

It was hard to read these posts in reverse order. I was trying to figure out what space had to do with anything. I thought you meant you need space to play Kinect!
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User Info: rockyoumonkeys

4 years ago#22
First of all, there's enough games in my backlog and other older games I'd be interested in to keep me busy until the day I die. So I can't see myself ever "quitting" unless all these became unplayable.

But disregarding that, I'll focus on what would make me give up future games:

Definitely going all motion control (or touch screen).

I might be able to tolerate something like the Move or the Wii, but not Kinect. And while I could tolerate something like Move, I wouldn't like it, so I'd end up quitting anyway.

The Wii U controller doesn't interest me in the least. From the day it was introduced, I knew it would be an obstacle to overcome, like the original Wii controls. I don't want gimmicks. I don't want complicated controllers. I just want something that fits easily in my hands that I don't ever have to look down at.

This incessant push towards co-op/multiplayer.

Too many games are force-feeding us co-op, and single-player aspects are suffering as a result. I have nothing against playing co-op, but it's not what I want to be doing most of the time.

I'm not opposed to including multiplayer aspects in a game, but I don't want them tied in any way to the single-player. ME3 got this wrong. It basically forces you to play multiplayer in order to get the best ending, which is still an awful ending.


Mobile games (phone/etc.) with microtransactions are almost unplayable unless you spend more money buying stuff (powerful weapons, upgrades, etc.). Even if the game itself starts out cheaper, it's not worth it because they're designed to squeeze more money out of you than what the game might have cost on its own.

I have no problem with DLC or even with paying a little extra for new weapons/outfits/whatever. But if they're going to start making it so that you NEED to buy these things just to have a "normal" playing experience, then I'll give up. It looks like Dead Space 3 might be guilty of this, but I'm willing to wait and see.

Oh, and someone above mentioned the industry devolving into all handhelds. I definitely agree with this. Never been into handhelds. But for the first time since the original Game Boy Advance, I'm considering getting one (Vita) because it looks like most JRPGs are being shuffled over to handhelds instead of consoles. I'm pretty annoyed about this. But I'm not sure it'd make me quit entirely.
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User Info: shinobisBACK

4 years ago#23
either going all motion controlled, or going all touchscreen. (or a combo of both)

User Info: TheBlueStig

4 years ago#24
I would never quit gaming completely if future gaming hardware went to Draconian Mafia Control, I would just go old school to all the previous systems and awesome games from the past.
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#25
It's hard to say if I'll still have any use of my hands in 10 years, so that makes it possible I won't be gaming for as long as I'd like.
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User Info: Dragon Nexus

Dragon Nexus
4 years ago#26
I gave this a little thought and...honestly...I don't know if anything would.
I've stopped buying games from a particular company in my own protest, I won't buy any DLC that's simply an unlock code. I've put up with a lot of stuff that probably before this gen I would have said was the last straw.

I'll put up with what I'll put up with, and I'll refuse to support anything that I disagree with. I guess there might be a saturation point, but we haven't hit it yet.
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User Info: OKRecords1138

4 years ago#27
If everything goes all digital, I'm out. I don't like paying for the rights to something. I want to physically own it so that if I ever need to recoup some of my losses, I have the option of selling.
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User Info: Mr_GreenX

4 years ago#28
I don't know if I would ever stop. But things that would make me play a lot less are...

1. EA's evil practices spread completely thoughout all videogames.

2. Motion controllers become standard

User Info: dan74m

4 years ago#29
DarkSymbiote posted...
- Devolving entirely into handhelds
- Entirely motion controls
- Entirely MP focused
- DLC even more out of control than it is now
- Digital
- Mandatory internet connection

I agree with this 100%......what is the point of a console if their is no physical media?

User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#30
Mr_GreenX posted...
I don't know if I would ever stop. But things that would make me play a lot less are...

1. EA's evil practices spread completely thoughout all videogames.

Oh man, yeah I hate those free map packs in ME3 that other companies would charge $10-$15 each for. Hate hate hate them. It's an absolute disgrace, and frankly, how is it even legal to give us stuff for free? It's an insult and an outrage, and I'm glad you're onto them.
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