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What, if anything, would make you quit gaming?

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User Info: Sand_Coffin

4 years ago#41
Multiplayer constantly worming its way into games it shouldn't belong in, like offline single player RPGS. Especially when they neglect the actual game because "oooh a decent multiplayer will make this game sell so we don't have to actually make a good game."

User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#42
vashtricham posted...
Having gaming completely geared towards casuals

He's badass.
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User Info: Squall88888

4 years ago#43
If i acquired a billion dollars why use my life on gaming when I have life to enjoy!
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User Info: pakathecat

4 years ago#44
Nothing in the industry. Even if things took such a turn that I didn't want to play new stuff (can't see that happening, or how it even would), I could still probably keep myself busy with things that already exist.

Short of death, the only thing I can see that would stop me is my vision going completely. In which case, I might end it all anyways as that would destroy any quality of life and enjoyment of it I have.

User Info: oldvuz_ranga

4 years ago#45
There's nothing the gaming industry could do that would make me quit gaming. I could survive off of indie games alone.

User Info: davepesc

4 years ago#46
Global blackout?

Otherwise, they can't touch my classic consoles!
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User Info: TheFeshPince

4 years ago#47
Not much... unless being able to play becomes outrageously overpriced.
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User Info: Overlord Hikash

Overlord Hikash
4 years ago#48
DarkSymbiote posted...
- Devolving entirely into handhelds
- Entirely motion controls
- Entirely MP focused
- DLC even more out of control than it is now
- Digital
- Mandatory internet connection

Boom. That's it, folks.
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User Info: Fulvip

4 years ago#49
An eternal blackout.
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User Info: thisnamerules

4 years ago#50
There's not much that could happen that would make me quit gaming totally. But there are several things that would make me stop buying hardware and software for newer systems.

I've got hundreds of games going back six console generations, all good games I know I like. I could get by just fine replaying those.
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