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C/D: 360 games require more strategy than PC games

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User Info: Donomega

4 years ago#31
Oh PC gamer's have always bragged they get more FPS in games and have nude mods and anime girlfriends.
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User Info: majinbuu58

4 years ago#32
TheJCBand posted...
Starcraft 2 is literally just muscle memory, and of course there the F2P (ahem pay2win) trash like LoL and DotA.

He announced he was a troll in his OP. Please stop.

User Info: MR_Soren

4 years ago#33
pothocket posted...
Does anyone else find it hilarious that we're trying to talk strategy but people keep mentioning generic military shooters as if it's relevant?

Here some bullet points to get you started on some actual conversation here:

- X-COM. Ultimate PC strategy game? Also released on PS1.

- I play board and card games that require more strategy than PC games. Explain that.

1. Agree. Military shooters have very little relevance in this thread.

2. Yes, but we are talking about the 360. However, even if we generalize out to consoles, a lot of great non-XCOM PC strategy games like Civilization, Jagged Alliance, and Master of Orion are not.

3. Me too, but we are talking about video games.

The PC has always had a strong showing of strategy games, but phrasing such facts as proof of superiority like this topic seeks to do is ridiculous. There are good games on all platforms.
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