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News flash: Most people don't play games for realism

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User Info: MR_Soren

4 years ago#31
I'd rather pay Mario Kart or F-Zero than Forza or Gran Turismo, I like my fighting games to have magic fireballs and ridiculous aerial maneuvers, and I prefer first-person-shooters with rocket-jumping.

But hey, that's me. Looking at sales figures, I'm sure my preference for unrealistic games is a minority viewpoint.
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User Info: BrutalBrocken

4 years ago#32
darkhare posted...
GGearX posted...
BrutalBrocken posted...
This is silly, people like different things about different games. If I play a boxing game do I go with the super unrealistic but fun Punchout! series or do I go with the more realistic Fight Night Round 4? I actually prefer FN4 because of the realism, the blood, sweat, and graphics. The stamina running out from missing while taking a chance puting alot of power into my punches. Now someone whos quick to judge but doesn't know the people he's talking to would say, "Go to the gym and box." I' d love to but due to injuries to my right arm I couldnt throw near the power to break someone with it.
Or another example, my favorite game this generation is Red Dead Redemption. I love this game the whole thing engulms me in it. There is several instances that aren't very realistic for entertainment value. I wouldn't want to spend an hour skinning an elk or dying with 1 shot to the head or upper chest. But I appreciate what is real.
Oh well thats my rant

I'm not going after injured people. I'm going after the people who are saying things like "I'm to tired", "its raining outside " that doesn't make sense. I don't care if I lose this so called" argument " I really want to know why people who are more that capable to play those sports yet they play Madden or something and act like it's someone or something else's fault why they don't grab a ball and play outside.

i think alot of people are taught to be lazy, and equate physical activity with stress and work so sitting slouched on the couch watching tv or playing a game for them equates relaxing.


I like both of your points.....

well played
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User Info: Foxx3k

4 years ago#33
I know people in real lifewho have said that video games and movies that are not realistic are inherently bad.

I don't ... even know how to respond to people like that.
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User Info: LanternOfAsh

4 years ago#34
I don't know what the point of this topic is. I can't imagine there being any specific reasons for someone being a gamer nor how much realism they prefer.

User Info: KCJ5062

4 years ago#35
I'm lately seeing people using "realism" as a reason to hate on the upcoming Injustice Gods Among Us. IE Superman being able to be hurt by punches and kicks or Flash being knocked into space by Superman and surviving. Apparently these people don't play very many fighting games. In Street Fighter, Akuma would "realistically" turn Dan into paste. In the Marvel vs Capcom games, Shuma Gorath's presence would "realistically" be an instant win.

Sometimes logic has to be sacrificed for gameplay. Suppose the game was done their way. Each time you go up against Superman it's an instant win for him because "realistically" he can't be hurt by punches and kicks and "realistically" he can beat anyone with just one punch. Yeah, that would be fun...

You think DC fans would be happy that these characters are finally getting their own exclusive fighting game after almost two decades and that fans would rather have the game exist than not because it isn't "realistic". But nope, you got people over analyzing things. The producers have even stated that this would be explained in the game. There'd be nothing fun about everyone picking Superman because he's broken or Superman not being in the game at all.

User Info: Res5

4 years ago#36
The best fantasies are the ones that can make you consider that it's entirely possible in the real world (in spite of your brain telling you that it's not at all possible)

People seem to think that fantasy and reality are two totally separate things but what is fantasy if not another possibility of reality? A way for us to ponder the ways of the universe and "what if things went this way instead of how we have it now?"

Every wondered why the guy always gets the girl regardless of how rocky their relationship is? Fantasy, but with a hint of reality to make you say "yeah, that's what I want"

The fact that you want it and consider it a remote possibility means that deep down you want some sort of reality to come of it.
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User Info: ShadowHunterHQ

4 years ago#37
GGearX posted...
ShadowHunterHQ posted...
GGearX posted...
rickimaru posted...
If I wanted real life, I wouldn't be sitting on my Xbox.

The whole "realism" argument is pretty lame, unless referring to a simulation.

This is so true. I mean why play Madden when you can grab a football and go outside?
Why play fifa when you can grab a soccer ball and play with friends.
I bet it's Lazyness. " oh I'll play Madden since I'm too lazy to get off my *** and go outside"

And don't bring up a BS argument like
"hurr why play Call of Duty when you can join the army?"
Join the army and tell me it's the same. Because I can tell you right now it's not like COD at all.
At least Driving games or Flight Sims have a reason. You can't drive expensive cars or fly expensive planes unless you spend millions.

Maybe it's easier then trying to find 21 other people for a minimum full game of football? Or the weather's crappy?

I played in the snow, rain, even when it was hot as **** outside (football)
Every seen that movie invincible? If you love something enough you'll go out and do it.
Seems to me like your just making excuses.

Yeah cause that happens to so many people. Meanwhile those of us with responsibilities like families and careers will male due with video games
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User Info: scoobydoobydont

4 years ago#38
TheBlueStig posted...
If teh game is using real life objects, people, environments, cars, weapons, or locations, there's is an expected level of realism and if it doesn't exist it detracts from the game.

I... I.... no, this can't be happening. I can't agree with Stig... nonono... *tries to wake up from nightmare*
The writing was on the wall with Bioware the minute you could completely void all of your decisions with one choice in KOTOR.
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