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Most Enjoyable racing game

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User Info: TrueFinale

4 years ago#1
Out of the following which is the most enjoyable racing game - Results (61 votes)
Forza Horizon
39.34% (24 votes)
Burnout Paradise
16.39% (10 votes)
1.64% (1 votes)
NFS Hot Pursuit
3.28% (2 votes)
1.64% (1 votes)
Dirt 2
4.92% (3 votes)
Hydro Thunder Hurricane
6.56% (4 votes)
Midnight Club: LA
14.75% (9 votes)
NFS: Hot Pursuit (2010)
11.48% (7 votes)
Ridge Racer Unbounded
0% (0 votes)
This poll is now closed.
11) Split Second Votes: 0
12) Project Gotham Racing 4 Votes: 0
13) Burnout Revenge Votes: 0
14) Daytona USA Votes: 0
15) GRID Votes: 0

I did up this poll continuing on from because things were going nowhere...

I've excluded games I already own Dirt 3 Ultimate edition, Sonic....Transformed, Forza 4 and Blur.
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User Info: RycerX

4 years ago#2
I'll cast my vote toward Forza, but put me in one of those Hydro Thunder arcade machines and that's all it'd take to change my mind.

Honorable mentions to Fuel and NFS Hot Pursuit 2k10.

User Info: nightshadeA

4 years ago#3
none of the above ...the special edition of burnout 4 is
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User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#4
Can't cast a proper vote until I actually play Horizon. Picked it up at the MS sale over Christmas. I like Fuel... not actually participating in the races, I just like driving around.
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User Info: Hucast9

4 years ago#5
pgr 4

User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#6

User Info: Emerald_Wyvern

4 years ago#7
None of the above

F-Zero GX
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User Info: Teepo64

4 years ago#8
Why no Dirt 3 bro?
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User Info: BlueJester007

4 years ago#9
Mario Kart
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User Info: homestyles

4 years ago#10
Blur and Forza 4 are my favorites. Horizon's pretty great too, if I'm in the right mood.
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