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How can I make my xbox play though my laptop?

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User Info: oOMajorPayneOo

4 years ago#1
I know there is a cord or something I can buy in order to make my screen my laptop and not an actual television, which cord do I need/can anyone give me any tips on which one to buy? I have an Xbox 360 slim.

User Info: Famished_Corpse

4 years ago#2
Are you talking about using a computer monitor as your screen for playing Xbox 360 games? If so, you'll need the VGA cord. I use it for a standalone flatscreen won't work on your laptop if it doesn't have a "VGA in" port...I'm not sure if any do. The VGA port on my laptop is a signal out that I use for a dual display.
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User Info: oOMajorPayneOo

4 years ago#3
my laptop says HDMI over a port on the side, I don't think it woks with a VGA so does that mean I need an adapter or something? I'm not new to video games I just know basically nothing about technology and this is my first time trying to play through a laptop haha

User Info: zyxomma100

4 years ago#4
I have never seen a laptop that actually accepts video input to play on the screen.

Unless the input specifically says "HDMI in" or something like that, I'd assume it only outputs.

User Info: headwounds13

4 years ago#5
There's bound to be better answers coming along, but I've always understood this to be difficult because the ports on your laptop are almost always "out" and you need an "in".

User Info: oOMajorPayneOo

4 years ago#6
so is there a converter or something I can buy so that my xbox will play on my laptop?

User Info: jdavie87

4 years ago#7
No, I've never seen a laptop with a video in port, and no converter can change an "out" port to an "in".
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User Info: Grevious1991

4 years ago#8
Like others have said, there is no way to use your laptop as a gaming screen.They are not built with the "inputs" that are required to do this.
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#9
You could always get a capture card, since those do have video input ports, however, it will most likely cause massive input lag.
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User Info: masblas

4 years ago#10
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