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So, are you going to watch Super Bowl XLVII or play Video Games?

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  3. So, are you going to watch Super Bowl XLVII or play Video Games?

User Info: Japago

4 years ago#41
Watch the Super Bowl. I'll probably play video games beforehand though.
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User Info: EssexExport

4 years ago#42
I'll check the score from time to time as I'm in a pool.

User Info: Zrodeath

4 years ago#43
have to work and make some extra money which is more important than a superbowl without my team in it

User Info: Jukain

4 years ago#44
I'll be at work, sooo... yeah. Neither.
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User Info: dtx109

4 years ago#45
I too will be working. I'll probably sneak a peek or two at the scores during my downtime though.
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User Info: GiantOrange

4 years ago#46
Giants aren't playing; don't care. Neither team has a style of play I have any interest in and my girlfriend's birthday is today so I won't be playing games.

Thank God it's not like '08 when her birthday fell on the day of SB XLII.

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User Info: sunchipsboi

4 years ago#47
Absolutely seeing this game, its about time we see a superbowl without the boring cheatriots. Tom Brady can only win a superbowl with a pathetic field goal.

User Info: SpecimenXsr388

4 years ago#48
I will be working, sleeping, and then working again. Yay, paycheck.
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User Info: jakerscythe

4 years ago#49
Not American, so... yeah...

User Info: dannyaq

4 years ago#50
I'm sleeping, i go to work at 3 am. gotta go to bed at like 7 pm
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  3. So, are you going to watch Super Bowl XLVII or play Video Games?

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