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GameStop closing down....

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User Info: Devil_wings00

4 years ago#51
Not really a big deal. Considering i don't live in a very big city (about 500,000-650,000 people since I haven't actually checked in years lol) there are 6 gamespots within 100km of where I live. Two of them are literally right across the street from each other lol (not joking). Closing a few down that don't make any money isn't really a shocker. Amazes me they can make as much profit as they can with so many stores so close together as it is. You would think they would divide the traffic to much.
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User Info: MyAura717

4 years ago#52
I shop at bestbuy and amazon for my games anyway. The one good thing i could say about gamestop is that their used selection is larger. Of course they still charge 20$ for games that are 10 years old, but that might not be so much if it's a hard to find game that you love.
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User Info: CWtennis

4 years ago#53
I once used to be a HUGE fan of GS (and still kinda am) however there's one huge gripe I have with them. Unless you buy a game on release, they take the shrink wrap off and let the games just sit and wither on the shelves. Brand new games look beaten and bruised within days and their used games look god awful.

I went to Best Buy and bought a used 360 game that's over 5/6 years old and it is honestly in near mint condition. My jaw literally dropped when I opened it.
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User Info: ukokira1

4 years ago#54
We have two gamestops that are literally 500 feet from each other. We got a backup.
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User Info: Taikutsuna

4 years ago#55
Carte360 posted...
Think they'll sell the stores as new instead of used?

They probably just re-shrink wrap the stores and knock $5 off.
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User Info: Theofratos

4 years ago#56
In NY, on 34th and broadway, there's two literally across the street from each
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User Info: Ragnawind

4 years ago#57
From: Donomega | #019
One closed down near me, but there are six more around lol never understood the hate for GameStop

I don't understand the hate, either. I rarely have a problem, and the only problems I did have, aside form a new person giving my pre-order bonus to someone else, was when a shipment was delayed because of the game's publisher or a hurricane. The prices are actually perfectly reasonable. They are based on the concept of supply and demand, but not just their supply, which is realistic to go by. People have the most problems with trade-ins, but their prices are reasonable there, too. One reason is that the games are not meant for resale by the publishers of the games, and another is that they are clearly used and can't really judge the quality of something that is used. People that sell games new and used on the internet sell games at much worse prices than GameStop ever did. People expecting more from a trane-in are apparently delusional and think they are entitled to more money back and are basically greedy people for sellng them at high prices. Many times, they are sold for more than retail, whether they are used or new, even when they aren't that rare.

User Info: SepticFlesh

4 years ago#58
Probably already been said but they'll just close the former EB games first. There are probably three malls in the area with two Gamestops since one was an EB Games. Some are across from each other.
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User Info: jgusw

4 years ago#59
Many of the stores will probably be mall stores. GS doesn't make a lot of money in many malls. GS stop adding stores to mall a few years back.

User Info: Shy420

4 years ago#60
Between my home and work, approx 25 miles, there are no less than 7 stores. I read the same article about the top 10 stores closing no big deal really, other than people losing their jobs.
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