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Doom 4 - Xbox 720

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User Info: knightimex

4 years ago#1
It will happen.

Believe it.
Old School Games FTW!

User Info: weapon_d00d816

4 years ago#2
Ok Naruto.
p + w > 9000, where p is the power level and w is what the scouter said about it.

User Info: MarcosAKAshorty

4 years ago#3
Been waiting for a few years.

User Info: JascoD

4 years ago#4
Doom 15 - Xbox 4387, better believe it!
Itchy Tasty!

User Info: godplaysSNES

4 years ago#5
Except from exclusives, it's pretty much guaranteed that 3rd party studios will release their games for both current and next-gen during the first years
Super Mario Kart is the single best Mario Kart ever!
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