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Advice with playing 360 on pc monitor? Help would be very much appreciated

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User Info: torres007

4 years ago#11
Monoprice has a VGA cable for about $7

I use it when I wanna play my 360 at my desk when the GF is watching TV. The Red and White audio cables are short, but I typically just run optical through my PC's sound card for the better audio quality.
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User Info: TheMuffin

4 years ago#12
If you have an original core system you have no HDMI port. You will need to purchase the Microsoft VGA cable for hooking up your xbox to your monitor. People have already linked to that specific cable a couple times in this topic. What are you planning on using for sound?

Also for clarity sake, the red white and yellow cables are called composite.

And yes, if you hook up your xbox through VGA you will be able to just push the source button on your monitor to switch between inputs.
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User Info: zyxomma100

4 years ago#13
We have no idea if your Xbox is capable of HDMI or not. The port that's pretty much touching your Ethernet port is a USB port, for controllers/cameras/wireless adapters/flash drives etc. So many devices (just in general, not even in gaming) use USB now, it's insane to not be familiar with it, and I highly suggest you at least learn what a USB port is.
(Type A is the most common, with smaller devices usually going the mini route.)

Here's what an HDMI port looks like. I'm guessing you have an old model that doesn't have it.

However, it doesn't matter too much, since your monitor doesn't have an HDMI port anyway. You'd have to use an HDMI->DVI cable, and your computer is using the DVI port on your monitor anyway.

So yeah. You need a VGA cable (which is the RGB port), which lots of other people have mentioned. They're fairly cheap.

However, you still need sound. Hopefully you have a set of speakers somewhere that can take the red/white audio cables. (Or a red/white-> 3.5mm jack, or whatever.)

User Info: telekiller5

4 years ago#14
ok, so that VGA cable goes into RGB and takes care of video, got it. and I think Ive found something that takes the red/white cables from it and can be plugged into speakers.
or maybe

Im thinking the 2nd one if I can just plug in the green speaker connector, but my speakers have both a green and usb plug on my pc (is that normal?). maybe Ill just get another set so I wont have to keep switching, I dont know.

and zyxomma100, Im familiar with usb dude, but Im NOT familiar with HDMI. Ive used it maybe ONCE, and I thought I remembered it being rectangular. thanks for clearing up what was actually on my 360 though, I dont have the port in your picture.
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User Info: Illumi_Knight

4 years ago#15
Go with the Microsoft official 360 VGA Cable. I got mine brand new at Gamestop for $40 plus tax.
The cable connects to the 360 just like the original R,W,Y cables do. The other end is the VGA cable (usually blue end and the insert is trapezoid shaped) along with Red and White for sound.
Since my monitor doesn't have a speaker on it, I had to plug the sound cables into my sound system. And like someone said a little bit above, the cables are a bit short where they separate so it would be a good idea to see if you have some extensions for them. If not, they're pretty cheap.

User Info: Darkside_Shadow

4 years ago#16
You should spend some time just typing in those keywords on google and see what is what
just to learn a little bit.

Imo you can learn a lot from google and youtube and not so much in here.

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