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Why are there so many people with odd # gamerscores?

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User Info: Arucard05

4 years ago#51
Simply offer your fealty to the number five, and this will all be over.
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User Info: Winternova

4 years ago#52
scoobydoobydont posted...
I don't count achievements on my hands. Or count anything on them. I'm not a little kid. Plus, I have ten fingers, why am I arbitrarily limited to one hand? The case has not been made still, and I think you guys are secretly teaming up in secret to not-so-secretly pick on me. :'(

No one is teaming up in secret. We're teaming up in public to ridicule your lack of common sense.
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User Info: TBONE_OG

4 years ago#53
If you were to break down the text and code of "Gamer-score" it would look like this:

00050500 05005050 05050500 50505050
05050050 55550000 00000505 05050500
05050050 05050055 55500050 50500550
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User Info: LancetJades

4 years ago#54
scoobydoobydont posted...
5 is an odd number. Just saying. I'm not sure why 5 gets a pass, there's nothing special or "right" about 5.

You're looking at the wrong definition of "odd." I mean it to indicate numbers out of the ordinary. The vast majority of achievements give an amount of gamerscore divisible by 5 (and thus, it will end in either 0 or 5; e.g. 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, etc.). In most games, ALL achievements are divisible by 5. And there are some achievements that are just 0, so while not divisible by 5, still follows the "ends in 0 or 5" rule.

Rarely, an achievement will end in an "odd" number, as far as achievements are concerned. This would be 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, or 9. And because every game that I know of has a total available gamerscore that is divisible by 5, these "odd" numbered achievements will have a "matching" achievement. If one is worth, say, 29, it is very likely that one will end in 1, to "even out" that "odd" gamerscore.

Some games, as evidenced by Winternova's list, have multiple "odd" GS achievements, that overall will even out to a number divisible by 5.

Fractions play no role in this. Gamerscore, the righteous, robust, and downright holy system it is, functions perfectly with only whole numbers. And, with the rare exception of games with sinful achievements that aren't divisible by 5, all ARE divisible by 5.
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User Info: _LordAndSavior

4 years ago#55
It's all damn Fifas fault.
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
4 years ago#56
Winternova posted...
How many fingers do you have on one hand?


The thumb is not a finger, fingers have 3 knuckles, the thumb only has 2.

scoobydoobydont posted...
Plus, I have ten fingers


I've heard of people with one extra finger (such as the six fingered man), but 2 extra fingers is even rarer.

Also, I'm surprised, due to previous topics like this, that nobody has brought up Trouble Witches Neo.

-A challenger! (3)
-Don't go touch crazy! (13)
-It's so mind blowing! (42)
-Master alchemist! (29)
-Oh, cherry blossoms (7)
-Star Coins MAX to the MAX power! (11)

Most of those are fairly easy, but Star Coins MAX to the MAX Power! is a true ***** and a half, which is why my gamerscore has ended with a 4 or 9 ever since I earned Master Alchemist and the other odd achievements.
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