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As a owner of a PS3 and Xbox 360, xbl is a RIPOFF!

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4 years ago#41
HajimeNoIppo posted...
As a Ps3 and Xbox 360 owner, its worth the money.
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User Info: kloud 11

kloud 11
4 years ago#42
I think the true definition of a 360 fanboy can be concluded by whether they believe Xbox live is worth the money.

User Info: kilroyfx

4 years ago#43
It is fast becoming an obvious ripoff as...most games, videos, and music are charging money....companies are starting to charge money for server passes, upgrades and's really an ugly trend.

Plus, the commercials all over XBL is really annoying....after paying for xboxlive gold.
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User Info: TheArcade

4 years ago#44
Don't let the door hit ya on the ass on the way out.
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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#45
HaloODSTD posted...
I personally never pay the $49.99-$59.99 retail price, but still pay around $35. Should I have to?

I just want to play games with friends online. I don't want all these apps, web browsers, music/tv/movie downloads, etc. We shouldn't be finding loopholes (bing search bots), checking deals online daily, or begging for 48 trial codes. Xbox Live should be free for those who wanna just play games online. If you want all the other stuff associated with xbl like ESPN or w/e, THEN those people can pay more.

Here is my opinion.....thing is TC..oh wait...nevermind, it's a HaloODSTD topic...
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User Info: Extraspectre

4 years ago#46
These threads are why I don't frequent this board.
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User Info: SparkItUp

4 years ago#47
TheBlueStig posted...
HaloODSTD posted...
TheBlueStig posted...
Sell your system and go back to the PS3 boards like you said you would months ago.

watch out for this internet badass guys

Watch out for the internet said you were selling your 360 never to buy another one and that you'd never be back to this board again.

You bought another one and you're back.

Hypocrisy Much ? ? ?

Wouldn't call it hypocrisy really...more so a straight out lie.
Not only the best football player alive...the absolute sexiest.

User Info: OKRecords1138

4 years ago#48
It's really a simplistic problem. If you want Xbox Live, you pay for it. If you don't want to pay for it, then you don't get it. Complaining about it isn't going to make it free, and most people aren't going to sympathize with you - especially in light of you saying you were going to sell your 360 and never come back to this board again.

The majority of people on this board are looking for intelligent topics with discussion involved, not just someone whining for the sake of whining.
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User Info: _OujiDoza_

4 years ago#49
Extraspectre posted...
These threads are why I don't frequent this board.

There are countless other reasons not to frequent this board.

User Info: SS_MetalSonic

4 years ago#50
i dont really care if its a ripoff or worth the money. i remember owning the N64 and the PS and dropping them hard when Dreamcast launched. the online fee in was $20 a month. i wanted to play Unreal tournament 2 and NFL2K online so i did. i paid the fee because i was happy to do so . later i found a internet provider that supported the Dreamcast and switched from AOL to that one and only paid one price for internet.

i did this because sega net was $20 a month. XBL is $5 a month. there is a big , big difference in price here.

but once the Dreamcast died , i just started playing my PS2 more. i had it at launch but would only really play my Dreamcast ( almost like now with my xbox and barely ever playing ps3 ) . so once i started playing my Ps2 more i tried to play it online . i tried to play it online once or twice. it was terrible.

all the Dreamcast friends i had built online were all saying see you on xbox! i thought to myself ' xbox is not even out yet , what about seeing me on Ps2?'

i never bothered to ask any of them why they did not own or want ps2. well i took forever to buy the original xbox. too busy playing need for speed underground 2 on ps2.

one day a friend of mine called me and told me i needed to get xbox and halo 2 because its so awesome. i complained about the service fee of XBL and told me to use free 3 month card and see if i like it.

so a couple of months later i went to Gamestop with one of my friends ( a psfanboy )
to buy MLB2k5 or something like that . he bought his copy and thought i was going to get a copy for ps2 as well. i told the clerk " can i have mlb2k5 for xbox ? oh and im going to need an xbox too "

i can see my psfanboy friend's mouth drop out of the corner of my eye ( hes pathetic ) .
the next day i got halo 2 for $14 , fable for $24 and ninja gaiden ( just came out) for full price.

i talked to my other friend onthe phone and told him i got an xbox and he said he already knew. that psfanboy told him. psfanboy said metalsonic bought an xbox right out of nowhere! i facepalmed.

in the beginning i tried to be against the cost of XBL . i really tried. but $5 a month? i complained about it to my wife who has nothing to do with my xbox and even she said " whats the big deal? who cares? just put it on your credit card and be done with it. $60 once a year , so what? "

her exact words. i never looked back after that. she never even played my original xbox and didnt care . she did nt even play my xbox 360 until i got bejeweled 2 and mirror's edge came out. then she took it over for a little while lol

i happily pay $5 a month. PSN in comparison is so dull. its a little more dull than PC and thats saying something. its worse than PC better than nintendo as far as user interface is concerned. its just bad . i sign in to PSN dont get me wrong... every once a month or two months when i actually play my PS3 in sign in just to do it . you know ...
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