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Your HONEST opinion, Are reveiws paid off?

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User Info: Pikachu1918

4 years ago#31
Honestly I think some games the fan boys, and the reviewers are too deep into it to see the game how it is.

Would I say pay off? Depending on the studio, I wouldn't put it pass them to slip a bribe to the major reviewers.

I tend to trust user reviews more, since these are people paying for a game from thier own pockets.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#32
It's so easy for people to see a positive review for a game they personally didn't like and believe the reviewer was CLEARLY paid off. Nevermind the fact that everyone has different opinions and no game is universally loved by every single person. It's a matter of feeling like your own opinion is somehow more valid than theirs and assuming that because they don't match that obviously there must be some bribes changing hands. They just can't accept the fact that someone liked a game they hated. - New gaming series
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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#33
Gaming reviews aren't like, say, movie reviews. If you say a movie sucks, you will still get paid. Gaming sites/magazines are paid for by the people who make the games, I mean literally these places are made for advertisements. They aren't "forced" to make reviews, but as we have seen, sometimes bad things can occur:

But where do we turn for reviews then? We have the other side, crap like Metacritic where trolls constantly gives a game a score of 0-2 because they don't like whatever. Wah Wah the new DmC guy looke emo, game sucks, 0/10, QQ.

So in essence you have to make your own judgment. You have literally no help. Even a lot of reviewers on youtube will just either go with the troll flow or make reviews complaining about dumb stuff to get a laugh.
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User Info: Fishbulb

4 years ago#34
Absolutely, how do you think 8/10 became the new 6/10?

Reviewers are afraid to give bad reviews to big games because the dev will go screaming to the publisher, so they give middling-average games 8/10 then go up and down from there.

Alternately, some websites troll for page hits by giving extremely low scores so they stand out on the Metacritic page.
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User Info: RayzerTag

4 years ago#35
No, but reviewers are incentivized to give milder criticism to games by big publishers.
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User Info: SythisTaru

4 years ago#36
Anyone who thinks the majority of reviews are paid off is a moron. The journalists would not be able to live with themselves (morals wise). People are not as inherently evil as many of you believe.

User Info: Pezofpower

4 years ago#37
I do, they aren't literally paid off; but when a dev goes "Run ads pls" and they throw a ton of company at the media they are running the ad on. Giving it a negative review can cause the money to disappear which is all it takes to inflate a score.

I used to avidly read Game Informer, and then Joe Juba betrayed me with mediocre RPGs getting stupidly high scores.

User Info: LesserAngel

4 years ago#38
I can't say whether they're paid off, but it seems that there's a serious problem with reviewers being extremely biased either for or against a game. I'm going to use two examples from Game Informer.

1: Mass Effect 3, Given a perfect 10 regardless of the numerous technical issues, not to mention over abundance of fetch quests, I figure a score between 7.5-9.0 would've been accurate depending on the reviewers personal taste, but a 10 seems obviously biased.

2: Otomedius Excellent, Given a 3 despite the game being perfectly playable with no major bugs. Yeah, it's a cute-em-up and the game play can get pretty stale after a while, but the review made it pretty clear that the reviewer had absolutely no desire to play the game. The few issues it does have does not warrant a 3, something like a 6 seems more appropriate.

So to me, there definitely seems to be a problem with reviewers going into a game with their score already decided.


4 years ago#39
Yes. When bad games like gta4 and mgs4 are given 10/10 then yes reviewers are paid off without a doubt.

User Info: pariah23

4 years ago#40
They aren't paid off in the sense that someone gets a fat envelope of cash, but they are absolutely paid off in terms of advertising dollars spent.
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