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How do you justify the costs for Xbox Live?

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User Info: digiblaster

4 years ago#1
I'd like to first make it clear that I do have a 360, and I've spent about £100 on Live fees.

I bought the Wii U when it came out, and it, like the PS3, doesn't have a paid subscription fee for online. Given that I only owned a Wii (for which the online wasn't anything to talk about) and a 360, it was a breath of fresh air to get free online of a good quality (CoD BO2 for Wii U has about 3000 players online on average, yet games actually play better than for 360).

This got me thinking a bit. As I said, I've spent a lot of money on Live, and it'd be even more if I'd bought a 360 at launch rather than a couple of years later. It just seems so excessive for a service which isn't really that much better than what the competition offers for free.

For those who've followed the Wii U and its launch, you'd know that the price of the console is commonly complained about, and people often comment that it's cheaper to buy a 360. But it's like buying a mobile phone - the contract adds a lot more to the price than the initial payment, and this seems to be overlooked.

I enjoy some of the 360 exclusives (particularly Halo) but I'm struggling to motivate myself to want to buy the new console on release, given that it's more than likely going to add costs for Live on top.

Given that so many people are actually paying for Live though, it's obvious that it's not such a big deal to a lot of you - what makes you happy, willing to pay an additional fee?

User Info: vigorm0rtis

4 years ago#2
I pay $3 a month for it. At that rate, I don't feel a need to 'justify' anything.
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User Info: BahamutBBob

4 years ago#3
I do wish Microsoft would let us play online for free, but I'm only paying ~$35 a year, so I can't complain too much.
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User Info: RahzarX

4 years ago#4
Cross-game chat.
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User Info: Geist

4 years ago#5
The way I look at it TC is this. I pay 60$ a pop for games that last 10-20 hours. So paying 60$ for 8765 hours of Live is just no big deal.
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User Info: M_Live

4 years ago#6
Because I don't pay it, my dad does (he plays on Live more than I do), and so it doesn't affect me much >_>
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User Info: pothocket

4 years ago#7
Compared to how much I pay for internet and cable, Live is chump change. A small tip added to the end of the bill. Having a PS3 and "free" multiplayer would actually save me very little money.
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User Info: Donomega

4 years ago#8
You can get good deals on Pre-Paid Live! Cards, no one needs to pay $60 for them.

Heck around black Friday if you look you can get them for $19 at places
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User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#9
vigorm0rtis posted...
I pay $3 a month for it. At that rate, I don't feel a need to 'justify' anything.
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User Info: Xenobow

4 years ago#10
I don't buy gold. Not that much into online playing but sometime get advantage of the free gold weeks.
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