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Most active racing game online for 360? And best recent racing game?

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User Info: TopDogMarik

4 years ago#1
PS3 user who just got a 360 because a ton of my friends also have 360 and I wanna play and **** talk with them too online. Got a good deal on one of the new slim ones with Black Ops 2. Anyway I was never really a fan of Gran Turismo on PS but I used to have Midnight Club: LA and I thought it was garbage. I used to LOVE the older NFS and MC games back in the day on PS2 like NFS:Underground 1 & 2 and every day Midnight Club game ever made, the best being Midnight Club 3. I thought MC:LA was garbage though, its driving mechanics reminded me of GTA 4...and if you've played GTA 4 then you know that is not a compliment lol. I think one of my friends has MC:LA on 360 so I'll go check it out and re-try it again to see if my hatred for it wore off or anything.

Till then, throw your suggestions out here. Most active racing games on 360 and latest ones, and in your opinion the best ones.
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User Info: A-G-I

4 years ago#2
Forza Horizon. That's the one.

Not only is it exclusive to XBOX 360, it's also one of the most amazing racers I've ever played. And I don't like racing games often. The graphics are mint condition, the selection of cars is astounding, as are the customise options, and all the cars you buy and customise in single player are what you race in online. Races such as sprint, circuit, and the usual race types are present, with new ones such as Infected, which is like Tag, in cars. And there's a free-roam mode available too, across Horizon's massive open-world map.
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User Info: Sheepinator

4 years ago#3
Burnout Paradise is still the best, or Forza 4 if you want more sim. I'm not going to complain about the $15 Forza Horizon cost me, but at the same time it's not all that interesting. The open world is poorly designed, basically the map consists of corner sections full of small streets (used well for some of the MP modes like King), then long arterial drives between these hubs. There are frequent loading screens and they always try to sell you stuff in them, like buy points here to get a treasure map, or look at this DLC rally image. Some awareness now and again is fine, but it's too much here.
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User Info: _OujiDoza_

4 years ago#4
Forza 4 is the only real answer if you were a fan of GT5, and the community is still well enough that you will be able to find a race at any time just about.

Now when the next Forza is released, expect a huge surge in the community because most (like myself) only took a break from it, I doubt they all sold their copies, lol.

User Info: Kochipahk

4 years ago#5
Forza 4 is the best driving game on the 360 if that's what you're asking.
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User Info: SonyHoundDawg

4 years ago#6
IF you dont like GT you might not like Forza. Both are baiscally racing sim games on tracks.

Forza Horizons is also very sim like but in a way its more cause you get to drive these great cars all around on regular roads instead of being stuck on a track. Horizons is more of the open world type of racer where you drive around and do events.

Both games have active communites.

User Info: A-G-I

4 years ago#7
Also, Horizon is a much more varied game. Off road, Rally, street races, circuit, sprint. Supercars, hatchbacks, jeeps, coupes, even a van. It's awesome.
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