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Whats in your backlog?

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User Info: metroidman92

4 years ago#21
Dead Space
Fable 3 (tho I'll probably never finish it, 'cause I never get the urge to play it)
Deus Ex 1
Morrowind (once I get past the antiquated gameplay)
FarCry 3
Pokemon SoulSilver (tho that's a matter of getting my hands on a DS again)
Metroid Prime Trilogy (beat 1, 2, and 3 in their original formats, but not on the Collection disc)

And that doesn't even include my XBLA library.

User Info: RevZoom

4 years ago#22
Currently playing:

Crysis 2
Halo 4 (SO & War Games)


Walking Dead (finished the first two eps)
Alan Wake American Nightmare

Soon to be added:

Dead Space 3
Aliens Colonial Marines

The not so distant future:

Tomb Raider
Bioshock Infinite
Crysis 3
The new Gears of War

GT: oO Durden Oo
Currently Playing: Crysis 2, Dishonored, & Halo 4.

User Info: dl61695

4 years ago#23
Now playing: Kingdoms of Amalur (really long game -.-)

Backlog: Final Fantasy 13
Borderlands 2 (DLC)

Coming soon: Dead space 3
Metal Gear Rising
Bioshock Infinite
PSN: lara1327
Waiting for: MGR, Dead Space 3, Bioshock Infinite, Dragon Age 3

User Info: tigers5123

4 years ago#24
Yea. I have quite a few. I got behind because I am currently teaching/coaching. Once the summer hits I will be able to work on most of these.

This is what happens after 6+ months of deals/ not enough time to play many games.
"Karate? The Dane Cook of martial arts? No, ISIS agents use Krav Maga."

User Info: RusticGamer

4 years ago#25
I don't really have a backlog, so I'll just do this... all from GameFly or Redbox.

Recently Completed:

Sleeping Dogs
Borderlands 2
Max Payne 3
Assassins Creed 3
Far Cry 3
Darksiders 2
Halo 4
DmC: Devil May Cry

Soon to play:

Dead Space 3
Hitman Absolution
The Walking Dead (Episode 2-5)
Aliens: Colonial Marines
Crysis 3
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance
Gears of War Judgement
BioShock Infinite

Want but probably won't purchase:

Skyrim DLC
Borderlands 2 DLC
"Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?"
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