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Whats my classification?

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User Info: Blade_Of_Ice

4 years ago#1
For a while now i've wondered what kind of gamer i am, i dont think i qualify to be a "hardcore" gamer, and i sure as hell hope im not a casual games

- Games with a story/narrative driving me to play
- Innovative games that arent just being innovative to get new gamers
- Trying to get every achievement availible for a game (75/25 on actually 100%s)
- Games i can play with my friends from start to finish (as long as it isnt an unnessary add on to shut people up. Hi mass effect 3, RE5/6, Dead space 3 etc.)
- Games that will give me a good challenge, but dont go as far as to be considered abuse(hours of grinding through a rpg with no actual story to keep me motivated only to find the last 6 bosses are complete push overs)
- Artistic games If its pretty to look at or listen to i'll play it...even though i have no rythm and patapon kicked my *** on the very first level...
- RPGs god bless them whether its a japanese JRPG with horrible american voice acting or a New attempt at an old concept from Bioware/bethesda/etc if you give me more than 1 option on what to do odds are I'm gonna enjoy myself...and blow up nuketown (i already killed the villagers looted the armory and verbally abused the robobutler anyway)

- Competitive MP, i find it repetitive, boring, and find it odd how people can devote so much time to it when im bored within 10 minutes.
- Kinect, wii, PS Move, guitar hero, rockband, and anything else of that catagory. just give me a controller and im happy. if i want to turn on my xbox i'll press a button like a savage and be happy that i still possess the motor skills to do so.
- Family friendly gaming, i see it as a gateway threat to greater tighting down on what videogames can get away with. the more parents and small children play games the harsher censorship is gonna get on the industry. look at movies barely anyone releases a R rated movie now, they hack their vision to pieces for a PG-13 rating so they can make more money by allowing more people to see it.
- Episodic content, loved the walking dead series, but damn im glad i waited till it was completed to buy it, i would've lost my mind waiting for each episode, and spartan ops...week after week hoping it'll stop sucking and they'll bring back firefight
- Movie games...ooh look a new superhero/kids movie is coming out, OOOH and a game that got thrown together in less than 4 months that loosely follows its plot wheeee
- Chat functions, i automute all of you, im just tired of listening. I dont care if you're the smartest person in the world laying out the perfect plan for world peace that would actually work, the 10 years olds, the homophobes/racists, and the...well 80% of male gamers who even open they mouth to spew out the most mind numbing garbage have ruined it for me, and your plan is going to go unheard
- Excessive DLC abuse, EA you are the marvel comics of the gaming world, i dont care if you want my money you arent getting it (i still read marvel, how? the umm other way)
- sorry i just dont understand why people like him

Most recent games:
DMC 360
Far Cry 3 360
Skyrim PC (killable kids, lightsabers, flying ships, need i go on, MODS RULE)
Just Cause 2 PC
Witcher 1 & 2 PC
Dishonored 360
Uncharted Trilogy
Assassins Creed Series 360 (gods have mercy on III...)
Spelunky 360
Fez 360
Walking Dead 360
Clash of Heros 360
Fable Lost Chapters 360


4 years ago#2
i like fritos with peanut butter

User Info: OgreRecruiter

4 years ago#3
Ill keep mine pretty short because... I don't like very much

Ill give you some games that I like and play whenever I can

Mass Effect 1 2 3
Dynasty Warriors 7 (8 Soon)
Dragons Dogma
Halo Reach
COD MW2 (BO BO ll)
Tales of Vesperia
Tales of Graces
Resonance of Fate.
Star Ocean 4: The Last Hope

My list is pretty short but hopefully from reading the list i provided will pretty much give you a hint of what kind of games I like to play.

Also if you don't like them that's fine.

I really am not into FPS except for the ones listed above. I also don't play online much at all because I can't and I pretty much lost my friends that I play with because i went inactive for so long (not my fault)

Sorry if this list doesn't contain most of the up-to-date games that have been released recently except Skyrim and MF3.

Also I play these at my cousins house because I don't have an Xbox nor a Wii (Wii U) or PS3.... (have had any in 4 years). In the long run I play all of these 1 at a time 2 out 7 days in a week. So I don't play very much at all.

Sorry for rambling on you I tend to do this quite a bit to make sure I explained myself well :/.
Blood Knights: You sir are the greatest damn troll alive, and you're not even meaning to troll.

User Info: Mumble_

4 years ago#4
Play competitively and win money in tournaments = hardcore
Other = casual

You're welcome.

User Info: Banana_Mana

4 years ago#5
You are hereby classified as a:

Slightly naive attention seeker.
An Englishman, an Irishman and a Scotsman walk into a bar. The barman looks at them and says: "Is this some kind of a joke?

User Info: JenniferTate

4 years ago#6
I PM'd you, TC.
I'm takin' no direction and I walk-a real slow
For the words of oppression are go, go, go
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