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Nex Gen XBOX to prohibit used games?

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User Info: prmtyme

4 years ago#31
SixStringHero posted...
The publisher does not deserve more money for the sale of a used game. They already profited from the initial sale. Online passes for used titles are bad practice as server space was already allocated for the purchase of the title. Why do publishers feel they are entitled to more profits from a title that already sold new once?

I purchase 95 percent of my games new. My friends and family also share games. We have been doing this for years, well before online passes and DLC became the norm, and now the industry would have us believe this is an issue. It's a joke and they want to guilt the consumer for purchasing used which has been part of the ecology of gaming since it's inception.

you own those games in this case you wont own crap if they ever go down your games will go with them
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