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The three most boring games you've ever played.

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User Info: DarkfireAxel

4 years ago#101
I think that the ones who mentioned Red Dead Redemption played another game, lol....
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User Info: Dr Jackal

Dr Jackal
4 years ago#102
One - I think the game was based off a movie or something? It was awful.
Granstream Saga - just so boring IMO.
Summoner - I hated this game. I know many liked it.
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User Info: TheIastspartan

4 years ago#103
mjc0961 posted...
I think most people are just listing games they hate rather than listing actually boring games. Here are games that I absoultely love but have an extremely slow pace:

King's Field series
All the point and click adventure games I played on PC back in the early days (Myst, Rama, etc.)

Sonic Colors almost put me in a coma. That's how boring it was for me.

I've played a ton of games, and SC doesn't even come close to being the most boring I've ever played.

User Info: Finale_Wanderer

4 years ago#104
Assassin's Creed I
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User Info: GRE3NJ3LLY

4 years ago#105
The Mass Effect trilogy bored me to death
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User Info: OhHeyltsYou

4 years ago#106
1. League of Legends
2. League of Legends
3. League of Legends
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User Info: test_genisis

4 years ago#107
ITT: Everyone picks popular games to piss other people off
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User Info: harrisonmesko

4 years ago#108
I don't dislike it, but Saint's Row 2 is the most boring game I've tried in recent memory. I love the character create in that game better than any other game I've played. In fact, I prefer it to Saint's Row 3's, Soul Calibur 5's and Phantasy Star Online 2's. While all of those games each have something I like about theirs that isn't in Saint's Row 2's, and in spite of the weird body slider in Saint's Row 2's, I still prefer Saint's Row 2's as a whole a lot more than those other games'. But whenever I play the game after creating my character I just want to move on and do something else instead. I'm not knocking the game, don't get me wrong. Its just not the game for me I guess. I kept trying to play it because I wanted to dress my character up, but cant get into it. I even gave up on playing missions, to try earning money through minigames instead, but I got bored of that too!

Like I said I really don't dislike the game, I just can't play it without getting bored for some reason. I've disliked, even, as I would say, hated a few, but for some reason Saint's Row 2 is more boring than most of those to me.
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User Info: Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet
4 years ago#109
Red Dead Redemption
Gears of War
Far Cry 2
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User Info: UnicornTamer1

4 years ago#110
Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy VI, Shenmue II

did i do it right?
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