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The three most boring games you've ever played.

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User Info: bronze4v4pro

4 years ago#131
kingdoms of amalur

User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#132
overmaxx posted...
vanguard29 posted...
zachflash posted...
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn (Game was too long and too hard even on the easier difficulties. I loved Path of Radiance however.)

what the sam hell are you talking about? RD was the EASIEST FE game ive played. i could beat it one hard with my eyes closed, and even though i love srpgs, i will admit i am only mediocre at them. now FFT, that is a game that is HARD. got to the fourth mission, which is infamous.

I... do you live in bizarro world? Because RD is generally considered one of the hardest FE games, and FFT is piss easy if you know what you are doing (there are so many ways to completely break the game).

If you want truly hard FFT, you need to get the 1.3 mod.

s*** maybe i do. i never had a single problem in RD. not one. i never got stuck, nor could i not beat a level without someone dying, not saying i never had a character die. i beat that game front to back about a dozen times. i have beat PoR very recently, and i thought it was much more difficult than RD.... and i never gave FFT a real chance. it was only a few dollars, and when i couldnt beat the 4th mission without almost everyone dying, i got rid of it.
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User Info: Umitencho

4 years ago#133
Two Worlds.
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User Info: thegreatcthulhu

4 years ago#134
World of Warcraft
Legend of Legaia
Warhammer: Age of Reckoning

Special Mention: Rift
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User Info: ripthesystem

4 years ago#135
FFT has -some- difficult parts during your initial playthrough of the game - there are some inescapable sequences as I recall that, if you don't go into with the right party and set up, you can't go back to the world map and grind job levels or anything along those lines.

Blue Dragon was so boring to me that I couldn't make it through the first ten hours. I know that it eventually gets good, but that game flat out put me to sleep.

Suikoden Tierkris had a lot of promise, but I just couldn't get into it. I invested around 20 hours or so into it before I eventually gave up.

Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon might be the most heartbreaking video game you've ever played, but it's also one of the most boring.
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User Info: Perfect Light

Perfect Light
4 years ago#136
The Gears games are super boring to me. The movement is too slow and clunky. - New gaming series
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User Info: _Hippowdon_

4 years ago#137
Borderlands 2
Castlevania Lament of Innocence
Pokemon Black 2
How embarrassing

User Info: Sir_Specter

4 years ago#138
The Witcher
Two Worlds
Call of Duty (I don't know which ones I played. They're all the same anyway. Both were on 360)
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User Info: BlueJester007

4 years ago#140
justdontask posted...
BlueJester007 posted...
I don't enjoy games.

fix'd..... seriously, with that list, are there any games you actually DO enjoy?!

It is amazing how fast people jump to conclusions. Dude, I rarely even covered every game out there. Hell, I barely even touched any other consoles aside from the PS3, Wii, and 360.

There are quite a few games I enjoy on all consoles; I just wanted to list some current gen ones that bored me as well as some older gen games that really bored me.

Did I list every game you like or something?
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