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Why doesn't Microsoft or Sony open up their own used game stores?

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User Info: therickmu25

4 years ago#51
Someone is working on a way for people to trade back used digital copies of games. This is your answer as to how MS will be able to let you play used games. They will just be digital copies. And before I hear, "O well I like hard copies because I own them".

Just because you have a hard copy does not mean you own that game, you still only own the license, the only difference is you have a round paper weight to go with it. Digital is the future.
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User Info: Hercular1

4 years ago#52
oasisbeyond posted...
I don't think Sony or MS would like to be associated with anything "Used" tc...

Then they could call it Pre-Played, or whatever.

They may not like being associated with "used," but I can guarantee they want to increase their profit margins.

User Info: Hercular1

4 years ago#53
Winternova posted...
Hercular1 posted...
_OujiDoza_ posted...
KillaBeAt posted...
It's about shutting down an industry that siphons a constantly increasing percentage of revenue of the sales out of the people who produce games and give nothing back to industry. You don't need to be an economist to see how this is bad for the industry. If its a drop in the bucket? 1%, 5%, 10%, maybe it's not a big deal, but even an industry as big as the video game industry has a breaking point.

That's nice and all, but even if you were to remove GS from the equation, they would still complain about used sales - it's the day and age we are in, they would be saying "the consumer" as opposed to GS, that's the only let them cry; if they decide to try and eliminate used sales completely, they will tank because consumers will revolt. It's that simple.

It's not that they are complaining about used sales, it's that they aren't making anything from second hand games and are complaining about that. They need to re-think this through as a business, and not as a child saying, "it's not fair!"

Obviously there is a huge market for used games, so why haven't they taken advantage of that like Gamestop has, instead of just complaining about it.

Because it's not feasible for each publisher to set up shops to buy back only their own games.

I agree, it wouldn't be feasible for every publisher to set the shops up, but Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo could. Then the publishers who want to make a little bit of money on used game sales could in theory sign up through these shops and maybe earn a little bit from every sale.

Earlier I even suggested that maybe they should all contribute initially, setting up an Online Store or even brick and mortar stores to directly compete with Gamestop.
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