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MS now enters the "dreaded third console curse....

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User Info: Monoculus

4 years ago#51
The N64 and PS3 were still great consoles even if they didn't sell well (and the PS3 sold very well, really); they both had plenty of great exclusive and multiplat games available. The Saturn would be in the same boat if more of its great games had managed to make it stateside.

Whatever happens to MS next depends entirely on what choices they make, not only in terms of innovation but in terms of pricing. I hope they realize that no matter what they do, pricing the base console above $300-350 is suicide in the world of Apple/Google TV boxes, Onlive, and Ouya.
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User Info: JigSawX

4 years ago#52
except that the third console curse was to those who were dominant. nintendo was the one who dominated this gen. i think xbox will be fine. i hate tin foil wearing people.

User Info: 95_Eclipse

4 years ago#53
JigSawX posted...
except that the third console curse was to those who were dominant. nintendo was the one who dominated this gen. i think xbox will be fine. i hate tin foil wearing people.

Nintendo just released their this gen console, and it's only sold like 3.5 million.


Oh you mean the wii, that was last gen homie! (Ps2/xbox gen)
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User Info: harrisonosirrah

4 years ago#54
ShinChuck posted...
BBBanks03 posted...
Huh… I never thought about that before, but that is a pretty strange coincidence there, TC. I immediately knew as soon as I finished reading the first post there’d be countless others of people trying to chew the theory, but it is actually pretty sound. Say what you want, guys, the Saturn, N64, and PS3 all definitely were the least successful console of their respective manufacturers.

This. And they were also the third widespread console releases for each of their manufacturers.

Yes, Sega had the SG-1000. No, it did not have a world-wide release, and was not particularly notable. The Master System II was not a new console, nor was the Genesis II or III; rather, they were updates of the existing, in some cases cheaper and lower quality.

People just love to analyze the heck out of everything, eh?

Like analyzing the theories and "facts" of an imaginary curse?

User Info: violentdissmay

4 years ago#55
private400 posted...
for those who do not know of it:

the third console curse is a strange phenomenon that has hit every console

The curse is that every company that makes game console's and gets to their third generation ,that generation seems fated to faillure.

these where the last console' makers who fell to the curse:

Nintendo released the NES, worked hard to make it something consumers wanted. They released SNES, did the same. Then their 3rd iteration they waited too long, rejected discs, and alienated 3rd parties. The N64 gave up a ton of market share to Sony's PS1 as a result.

Sega released the Master System as a distant also ran to the NES, worked hard and built the Genesis into a legitimate contender, but started to frankenstein it a little at the end. Then come their 3rd iteration they put out the convoluted ass Saturn. The solid Dreamcast wasn't enough to right the ship at that point.

Sony gave everyone what they wanted with the PS1. Then they put out a highly competitive, well marketed, well hyped system with the PS2 that everyone jumped on board with. They, like their predecessors, got out over their skis come iteration number 3 and tried to Trojan Horse blu-ray on everyone, with serious market share retraction as their reward.

MS is going into generation three, what is historically the f*** up generation.

will they beat the curse or will they fall victim to it ?

watch next week
same hour
same channel.

Requiring online access will be a hurdle for them. If a game is a single player only, like Fallout, or The Elder Scrolls, then online functionality is near useless. And I wont go on and on about it, but what about parts of the US with limited or no internet? Thats going to hurt a little bit.
Then no used games, they could at least require you to buy a new serial number to play a used game, but then again, what about those areas with piss poor internets?
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User Info: harrisonosirrah

4 years ago#56
private400 posted...

stop bumping and not contributing you superstitious dolt.

User Info: Amphax

4 years ago#57
Surv1valism posted...
Yeah i don't think its really relevant here, All those 3rds were stepping into new territory, Disc gaming With Saturn, N64 was using pretty much new 3D tech for games which was awkward, PS3 with it's blue ray and hardware.

This would be stepping into new territory as well -- a console manufacturer taking the stance of blocking used games (not counting digital games, which already can't be resold as used since day one). Up until now it's always been done by publishers.

RycerX posted...
The Dreamcast may have failed at sales, but it won at everything else.

Word. 9/9/2019, Sega Phoenix, you heard it here first! :-)
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