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I picked up DOOM3:BFG Edition today.

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User Info: nitepanther1987

4 years ago#21
Kerr Avon posted...
SunDevil77 posted...
Current FPS' have evolved for the better. Don't get me wrong, I still love Doom 3. And BFG was an amazing look back at the older style of FPS, but genres need to evolve.

Doom 4 though...Damn, I can't wait.

First person shooters have devolved. Remember when you could carry as many weapons as you wanted? When you had to learn the map instead of blindly following an onscreen indicator to your next objective? When you didn't get a "Press A to open" prompt EVERY TIME you faced a door or filing cabinet? When auto-recharging health didn't exist, so you were sometimes forced to fight when at your last few percentage of health, desperate to find a health pack (that is true tension, what FPS games should be about)? When games tried to be games, and not interactive movies?

I don't think they've devolved at all.

We have better technology now. We're capable of making longer games, with more replay value, etc etc. Look at the original Doom for example. That game is still amazing, but nowadays, we can play games with even better graphics, online with millions of people, full cinematic stories, etc etc.

You're painting a picture that's black and white. "All old FPS's are good. All the new ones suck." Sure, some games are more streamlined. Some are more casual friendly. But some are really amazing too. Good luck playing a game like Oblivion or Crysis or anything like that 10-15 years ago. And the on-screen indicators are a good feature, especially when games nowadays have stories to them. They "hold your hand" more because unlike games in the 90s, they can actually tell stories. Back then, it was a page or two of texts, and then a whole bunch of "kill everything, find keys, go to next level, congratulation you are winner!" at the end.

And I can flip your analogy back on you too. A lot of old school games weren't that great either. They were really clunky, horrible graphics, horrible gameplay, etc. Some games were downright unplayable because of terrible programming, with no chance of a patch or anything at all. Some games back then were so cryptic you practically had to spend hours clicking every single wall, combining every single item with every other item just to figure out what to do next. Because there was no storyline, nothing to aid in your progression aside from "you good guy, kill everything" that you were told in the beginning of the game because it took to much space to have dialog or cutscenes.
Don't even bother trying. You're just gonna fail and look stupid anyways.
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