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Gamefaqs Poll results. Really???

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User Info: CaliberChamp

4 years ago#291
A lot of people use gamefly which to get used games. Then there is Amazon selling of used games. You ll do many people a disservice and cost people loss of jobs because of your ignorant stance of supporting no used game support.
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User Info: Nofoundation

4 years ago#292
I buy about 90% of my games from Gamefly. If it's a "sure-thing" title then I get it new but the last game I did that for was Borderlands 2 maybe? I'm a pretty big fan of Microsoft but if they try to pull this crap I'll head elsewhere.
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User Info: NotJet_

4 years ago#293
Download Antichamber for Free only at ""! Thanks for the free game!

User Info: brutalrhino

4 years ago#294
ITT: Vocal minority.
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User Info: End_Break_Fomar

4 years ago#295
It's a matter of principal against greed. We have on disc DLC characters and content in games now. It's just getting ridiculous.

User Info: EraYachi

4 years ago#296
I have one concern about 'used games' being blocked.

If you try to take your game to your friend's house and play it there--what then? Is it going to be locked to a particular account, or to a particular system? If I can't take a game to a friend's house or lend it to someone for a few days, then eff that. If I buy a game, I should be allowed to let someone borrow it. Call me old-fashioned.

Another thing is, if they plan on blocking used games, they'd sure as 'ell put more games in stock. I'm tired of hearing about this great game that just came out, going to an EB Games/Gamestop or any other store and finding out it's sold out. Forever. If they're going to make new games the ONLY ones legitimately available for purchase, they'd better be prepared to push sales on the store distributors so they have lots in stock.

Not everyone has access to amazing Internet speeds. I know I don't--I try to download one game at a few gigs, I better be prepared to wait overnight. More stock in-store, and no used games becomes less hassle.

User Info: RagKnight

4 years ago#297
It means I can't barrow games from my friends.
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User Info: tamayamawuv

4 years ago#298
I voted, "I'd live with it, as long as new game prices were lower". Honestly surprised to see that wasn't the major choice ._.

Of course, it would depend on the console and the games it has, but for games I want, I usually buy them within a few weeks of release new anyway. It's only rarer games that I'd buy used, since it'd be the same price as if it were new anyway, lol.


4 years ago#299
If you think blocking used games is ok, you obviously haven't even given it a second of thought. - If you played Mystical Ninja 64, you need to click this.

User Info: semiokme

4 years ago#300
tamayamawuv posted...
I voted, "I'd live with it, as long as new game prices were lower". Honestly surprised to see that wasn't the major choice ._.

Same. I buy games I want new, because I want them. Games that I'm not sure on, or I simply missed I wind up buying used. Great example is I got my 360 well into this gen, and went and picked up a used Assassin's Creed at a great local shop for $9. I liked in, and bought AC2 used as well, this time around $20. I proceeded to buy ACB, ACR, and AC3 new.

So the game developers may have lost out on 2 sales, or gained 3.
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