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Gamefaqs Poll results. Really???

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User Info: AlexFili

4 years ago#71
Most of my games during the past 10 years have been used ones. While I respect companies enough to buy certain games full price (Assassin's Creed 3, Mass Effect 3), it's because I've paid a small amount for the previous games and have therefore gotten emotionally invested before committing to a major purchase.

Buying full price games is always a bit risky, so I usually wait for the reviews to come in first. I don't agree with disabling used games and I definitely don't agree with these 'online pass' systems which are complete baloney.

Unless they have sales, like Steam does they will most likely suffer for it.
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User Info: Jonexe

4 years ago#72
90% of games out there aren't worth the full price to begin with. Why bother paying the full price for it? Let someone else do, and pick it up later cheap.

In addition, it's never worth buying a system at launch. There's only one or two gems in a launch line up, and then you wait months for something else good to come out. Instead, I can wait a year/18 months, get the system, and then get several games all at once. By the time I get around to buying it, many of those launch title gems are going to be hard to find or out of print.

User Info: mhughett

4 years ago#73
How would you like it if car companies tied your Social Security Number or Driver's License to the car and it would only start when you scanned your ID so there would be no longer a used car market? It's a completely uneconomic model to allow products to be forced to be discarded when no longer wanted rather than selling them to someone else. The value of a game should be determined by the consumers; not the publishers, Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony.
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User Info: greywolf00

4 years ago#74
90% of the games I buy are used/on sale. Why pay more when I can get the same game for less and then buy another one too? Why buy a game for $60 and either spend $20-$30 more on dlc or just skip them when I can get the complete edition on sale for less than the original game? Also, many of the new games just aren't worth full price to me. Due to the increased costs of making games the length of games have been decreasing in a lot of cases.

User Info: greywolf00

4 years ago#75
Also used games are usually cheaper on than gamestop. Never once had an issue with a game I bought there.

User Info: GreatHammurabi

4 years ago#76
While I would prefer to buy new games simply because they are guaranteed to be mint condition and scratch free, there have been many times when I wait a while to get some games that I know I'll want to play due to not having the money or just having other games on my backlog. There have even been pretty recent games that I waited to get that are out of print and are difficult to find new. I really couldn't care less about selling my games but it concerns me more for buying them from eBay or used game stores.

It's clearly a big push to herd everyone into buying the digital media since that content will always be available for purchase but I do not like my games in digital format unless it's on the PC. I love my music and movies in strictly digital format but console/handheld games, gotta have physical.

User Info: kay2kid

4 years ago#77
So you think everybody buy their used games from Gamestop? In my city there are 7 game shops next to each other and I always buy my used games from them, if the game is old they sell it for around 15$, if its new 20$ or 25$ at the yeah, if they block used games they can count me out.
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User Info: pitt12177

4 years ago#78
It's not the buying aspect that I have an issue with. It's the reselling them if I don't like them / want to keep them. I don't mind dropping 60 dollars as long as it is a short-term investment where when I am done with the game, it doesn't sit on my shelf and I can turn around and recoup some of my losses.

For example, UFC Undisputed 3. THQ was going to offer support, updates, patches, etc. and nothing came to fruition but a few poorly made expansion packs (that should have been in the original game) for fighters. It was still a broken mess everywhere else.

I don't want to be holding a worthless piece of media.

User Info: NessEggman

4 years ago#79
If only new games could be purchased, what about when you can't find those games anymore...? That's my biggest problem. I still buy games for PS1 pretty regularly. What would happen if a year after launch, you couldn't find a certain launch game ANYWHERE anymore? You're forced to never be able to play it... sounds stupid to me.

There are a bunch of other problems that arise, too. What if somehow you lose access to your account? Like, let's say you had a big collection of these locked games... you bought them all new, of course, even at $40... but you've bought about 25 games over the course of your time with this console. Then you hit some hard times and your XBL account auto-renews when you didn't have enough money in your account; you were stressed out about your recent hardships and forgot to turn off autorenew, which was normally a convenience for you.

The result? Microsoft locks you out of your account, and you can't sign in to your account again until you've paid back the money you owe from your debit card bouncing. So until you can pay $~60 to Microsoft, which you can't, because like I said, you've run into unexpected hard times, you lose access to EVERYTHING. Your $1000 worth of games just became absolutely worthless. Even though you paid for them and own them, you don't have the right to play them anymore. And while you're struggling to pay for food and the rest of your bills, you can't play any of those games. And you can't sell them for money to help pay for those bills because there's no used game market anymore, and they are worthless.

Sure, maybe someday you'll be able to pay Microsoft back their demand and get access to your games again but... why should you have to have permission to play your own games that you bought? Locked "no-used-games" sounds like it's only preventing a secondhand goods market... But it's really controlling how you're able to use your games that you bought.
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User Info: GhostMaker1988

4 years ago#80
Why would you buy used games?
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